Advantages of Kochi for me as Designer

What are the advantages of Kochi for Web design?

Communication advantages

  1. 'SEA-ME-WE-3' and 'SAFE' submarine cable landings (1 of the 2 states in India to have two submarine cable landings)

  2. 100% of 988 telephone exchanges are digital.

  3. 98% of telephone exchanges connected by OFC to the National Internet Backbone (NIB)

  4. OFC backbones through out the state by Reliance, Bharti, Asianet.

  5. 15 GBps bandwidth support.

  6. VSNL's primary international gateway in India is in Kochi and this gateway handles around two third of the country's data traffic

The Human Resources Advantage

  1. Highest density of science and technology personnel in India.

  2. Lowest employee attrition rate in the country - <5%>

  3. 87 engineering colleges in the state

  4. Sanctioned intake of over 23,000 engineering students in the state