New Encryption Tools for Flash

Amayeta Ltd announces the release of SWF Encrypt 4.0, a major update to their industry leading Flash Encryption Software.

Amayeta first launched SWF Encrypt in 2005, where it received mass acclaim for being the first mainstream encryption tool for Flash. SWF Encrypt 4.0 introduces advanced obfuscation Techniques along side proven encryption technology to further protect and secure Flash ActionScript Code.

ActionScript is the programming language used for scripting Adobe Flash movies and applications, referred to as SWF Files. The Adobe SWF File Format is an "Open File Format" which means there is no native protection and the contents of the SWF file can be viewed using Flash Decompiler Tools. These tools break open the resources that make up a SWF file and can display the full ActionScript Source Code. SWF Encrypt 4.0 shields ActionScript from Flash Decompilers and SWF hackers by encrypting and obfuscating the SWF whilst retaining its original functionality.

“The ActionScript in a Flash Movie is its most important asset” said Jaspal Sohal, Amayeta Founder and CEO, “Companies develop software in languages such as C++ and VB and go to great lengths to protect their source code. Why should ActionScript be any different? It’s the first, and possibly only, choice for developing Rich Internet Applications. Flash Developers should have a means to protecting their code and SWF Encrypt 4.0 provides that option.”

In addition to SWF Encrypt 4.0, Amayeta have also released SWC Encrypt 1.0, the industries first Encryption Tool for Flash Component Files. Built on the same Encryption Platform as SWF Encrypt 4.0, SWC Encrypt 1.0 has been in development for 2 years, and is the first commercial encryption solution for Flash SWC Files.

“Flash Components are an integral part of Flash and the Flash Development Community” said Simon Yang, Software Architect at Amayeta, “However they are notoriously time consuming to develop, yet notoriously simple to decompile. With some several thousand developers making a living from building Flash Components, it’s essential their work is protected.”

SWF Encrypt 4.0 and SWC Encrypt 1.0 are both available now for Windows. Mac OSX Editions are currently in development and planned for Q3 2007. Pricing is $125 for a single license, per product. Education, government, and volume pricing is available. To learn more about purchasing options, or to download the trial versions, visit