Adobe to Open Source Flex

Gives Developers Ability to Enhance Flex Framework for Delivering Rich Internet Applications

Adobe today announced plans to release source code for Adobe® Flex™ as open source. This initiative will let developers worldwide participate in the growth of the industry's most advanced framework for building cross-operating system rich Internet applications (RIAs) for the Web and enabling new Apollo applications for the desktop. The open source Flex SDK and documentation will be available under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

Available since June 2006, the free Adobe Flex SDK includes the technologies developers need to build effective Flex applications, including the MXML™ compiler and the ActionScript™ 3.0 libraries that make up the popular Flex framework. Together, these elements provide the modern, standards-based language and programming model used by leading businesses such as BMC Software, eBay,, Scrapblog, and Samsung to create RIAs deployed on the ubiquitous Adobe Flash® Player.

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