10 Nightmare Web Design Clients

  • #10 - “I have an idea for a website which could by the next eBay and I need a web design partner…”
  • #9 - “I want you to use this photo. I want it to be in landscape, but changed so that the height is bigger than the width”
  • #8 - “Black on white is boring. How about hot pink on lime green? And can we make the logo spin? And Ariel is boring, let’s use Comic Sans.”
  • #7 - “Use these photos, I got them from Google Images”
  • #6 - “It sucks.”
  • #5 - “Why is your quote so expensive? My nephew can do [a 5 page website] for £50″
  • #4 - “I paid for my domain name by credit card. My credit card billing address is in Oxford. So why doesn’t my site come up in Google when I type in ‘Oxford’?”
  • #3 - “I want to be number one in Google for the term ‘consultant’. My budget is £200.”
  • #2 - “Just one more small change…”
  • #1 - “We can’t afford to pay you but we’ll let you have a link back to your site.”

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