Bamboo Wacom Tablet

Today Wacom launches Bamboo, a new consumer pen tablet for freehand writing, annotating and navigating in computer applications. Like its namesake, Bamboo is flexible and can be used for an almost infinite number of uses; from simple things like making notes on documents, to the most sophisticated applications like retouching photos.

Bamboo unlocks enhanced pen-based features in Microsoft Vista, Office 2007 or Mac OS offering a new way to interact with the computer. Extending the possibilities for personalisation, Bamboo provides a simpler, more natural way to navigate through information or create documents with greater impact.

Bamboo is A6 Wide in size with a sleek, contemporary product design that allows for a more easy and versatile way of working with a pen on the computer. Bamboo is targeted at PC and Mac users in non-graphics markets such as home users, office workers and business professionals.

Bamboo has an active area of 92.3 x 147.6 mm (4x6in), is easy to use and works with the pen input features such as the handwriting recognition tool and time saving gesture control options, enabling a faster, easier and more efficient way of working.

By using Bamboo in Microsoft Office a new, personal style of communication can be developed, allowing personalisation of emails by signing them off with a digital signature and adding sketches or doodles. Additionally, by selecting a pen or highlighter tool in Microsoft Word, Bamboo can be used to jot notes, create rough sketches or mark up documents, spreadsheets, or presentation slides.

Bamboo has been designed with increased functionality in mind and includes programmable ExpressKeys so that the most commonly used command, such as cut or paste can be accessed at the touch of one button. Bamboo also has a new design feature in a Touch Ring that makes zooming in and out and scrolling easier and there is also a blue backlight on the tablet enabling clearer access to frequently used functions.

The stylish, ergonomically designed Bamboo pen provides 512 pressure levels of sensitivity and has a programmable double side-switch, and eraser. Wacom’s patented cordless and battery-free pen technology offers a natural tool for freehand writing, annotating and navigating. Using a pen can also reduce the risk of RSI.

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i want to know the cost of this wacom tablet.
pls mail me the cost i want to buy the tablet.


hiii i am from u please give the cost of this bamboo pen....the one without a tablet