Firefox Add-ons For Security and Privacy


AI Roboform Toolbar for Firefox - Works as a toolbar with RoboForm to manage and protect your passwords.

Dr.Web anti-virus link checker - Check files for viruses before you download them, and pages before you visit.

FirePhish Anti-Phishing Extension - Anti-phising toolbar that works with the Open Phishing Database.

Controle de Scripts - Adds a more advanced JavaScript control panel.

eBayCaptcha Populator - Automatically fills in the eBay Captcha image input for you.

FormFox - Hover your cursor over a form box, see where the information you are entering is going to.

iTrustPage - Anti-phishing tool that prevents you from filling out a suspicious form and suggests the legitimate alternative.

KeyScrambler Personal - Encrypts your keystrokes to protect you from keyloggers.

Link Alert - Changes the color of your cursor to indicate visually what the link you are hovering over does.

Magic Password Generator - Enter a master password and generate unique passwords for each site from it. Will also auto-fill in email addresses and name.

Master Password Timeout - Set the timer for a predefined amount of time of inactivity, when time it expires, it locks down your stored passwords.

NoScript - Guards against scripts running except from trusted sites. Won the “2006 PC World Class Award”.

Password Exporter - Allows you to import and export your passwords between different copies of Firefox.

Password Hasher - Automatically generate strong passwords, quickly upgrade passwords, change passwords on sites plus much more.

PasswordMaker - Helps with password encryption and storage.

Personal Anti-Phishing Sidebar - Combines multiple extensions in to one to help fight phishing and spoofing attacks.

PhishTank SiteChecker - Works to bring the functionality of in to your browser to help fight phising.

PopupMaster - Adds a popup blocker to the status bar. web files checker - Install this, and with a simple right click, you can scan a file for malware, trojans, and viruses before download.

QuickJava - Gives you easy to access buttons to enable and disable Java.

Remove Cookie(s) For Site - Adds a right-click option to remove all the cookies for the currently viewed site.

Secure Login - Store login information and fill in forms with a click.

SecurePassword Generator - Helps you generate strong passwords.

SignupShield Passwords - 1-Click Password manager, form filler, spam control and anti-phishing toolbar.

SplitLink - Removes special symbols in URLs so you can better see where exactly a link is taking you.

TrustWatch Search by GeoTrust - Gives you realtime results from TrustWatch while searching with Yahoo, Google, and MSN.

VeriSign EV Green Bar Extension - Verifies the secure certificate information and turns the address bar green to let you know.


Add N Edit Cookies - Allows you to add and edit cookies.

Anonymization Toolbar - Toolbar that lets you surf anonymously, also will clear your history and cache with a click.

BrowseAtWork - Allows you to view selected pages anonymously, can help you get around school or work filters as a bonus.

CookieCuller - Protect or unprotect your cookies.

CookieSafe - Gives you control of sites setting cookies on your system from a convenient location on the status bar.

CookieSwap - Allows you to maintain multiple cookie sets you can swap between.

Distrust - Turn on this extension while you surf, when done, turn it off and it will delete all the cookies and history collected while it was on.

Extended Cookie Manager - Gives you quick access to cookie controls and lets you change permissions on demand.

FoxTor - Allows you to “mask” and “unmask” yourself at will as you cruise around the web.

FoxyProxy - Completely replaces the built-in Firefox proxy system giving you more complete control.

Gish It! - Create a GishPuppy disposable email address via right-click or Tools menu.

MailNull Now! - Create MailNull addresses from the same window, once done, the address copies to your clipboard for easy pasting.

my-spambox - Create a temporary email address for 12 hours to use when signing up with websites.

Page Title Eraser - Will remove the title and favicon from a tab so someone looking over your shoulder can’t see the pages you’re on.

ProxySel - Lets you choose a proxy from a drop down list and even import new proxys.

RenameTabs - Change the names of any open tabs you have.

SafeHistory - Restricts sites from seeing your previous surfing history.

ShowIP - See the IP of the current page, look up its host name and do a whois query. - Right click on an input field of a webform, select spamavert from the menu, and it will insert a disposable email address from their site.

Stealther - Temporarily disables features such as cookies, browsing history and much more so that you leave no trace of your surfing while it’s active.

SwitchProxy Tool - Allows you to easily switch between proxy configurations and keep your surfing more anonymous.

TabRenamizer - Can set to randomly rename the tabs in your browser so no one can know what is open in all your tabs.

Temporary Inbox - Create an email address from without leaving the page, keep spam out of your main account easily.

Torbutton - One-click button for enabling and disabling Firefox’s use of Tor for safer surfing. - Quickly create disposable email addresses.

Unhide Passwords - If you are secure in your physical environment, get rid of the **** you see when typing in passwords.

View Cookies - Adds a tab to the Page Info, shows all the cookies used by the current page you are viewing.