Google Opens Print Ads To Marketers

Google’s opening up its print ad service to any Google AdWords advertiser.

After several months of testing print ads in various newspapers across the country, Google has decided to offer up this service to its larger customer base. The search company has partnerships with several newspapers, covering more than half of US daily newspaper circulation, growing from 70 daily newspapers to 225. Launched in November of last year, Google’s move into print ad sales nearly coincided with its move into radio ad sales as well, indicating Google’s larger intentions of providing a well-rounded advertising distribution network for its customers.

Always looking to continually foster partnerships with traditional media companies, it seemed like a good way to further penetrate the media market. The time was right for Google to approach print media, as the industry is seeing an ongoing decline, and Google’s offering introduces new advertisers extended opportunities for marketing across platforms. Google’s primary competitor in this particular market is Yahoo, who currently has 260 newspaper titles within its ad network.

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