Google Releasing Anti-Piracy Technology, Coming soon!

Google is looking to release its long-awaited anti-piracy technology on YouTube this September.

The news came out during a hearing today, regarding the $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit that Viacom has filed against Google. The hearing was for setting the schedule of the case, including choosing a date for the trial. An attorney has stated that the company is working intensely on a video recognition, fingerprinting technology that is supposed to rival that which is used by the FBI. This will allow content owners to provide a digital fingerprint that will trigger a block from YouTube when someone else tries to upload the copyrighted clip without permission.

Google hopes to have testing completed by this fall, and says to be collaborating with media companies in this testing phase. Will this solve all of Google/YouTube’s legal problems? Maybe. Several have speculated that the amassing lawsuits against Google have been largely filed as a way to spur its development and release of digital fingerprinting technology.