Add AdSense Ads Between Blogger Posts

Very happy to hear the announcement from Google AdSense team about in-built support for Blogger templates to embed Ads between posts. Blogger widget now supports showing ads between the post with out any template coding or hacks. This is supported through new AdSense configuration in Blog Posts widget. Follow these steps to configure your Blogger Template to show ads between posts.

  • Login in to your Blogger account

  • Click Template link of your blog and select Page Elements link

  • Click Edit link available in the Blog Posts widget

  • Select Show Ads Between Posts option

  • Configure how often you want to ads to displayed( ex: An ad after every post or an ad after every two posts, etc)

  • Customize the ad look and feel by selecting required format and colors

  • Click on Save Changes link when you're done

As the embed ads between the post blend well with the content and increases click through rate, this support is welcomed by Bloggers.