Feedburner Adds Self-Publishing Ads

FeedBurner announced today a new self-service advertising option for advertisers. It uses their headline animator service and so basically anyone who has a feed hosted with FeedBurner can push it out to other sites that are part of the FeedBurner ad network. It's like a live AdWords alternative!

Pricing varies based on which categories you select but you can get started for $25. My test shows that for $25 in Computing & Technology, you would receive: Approximately 3,125 impressions (446 per day) in Computing & Technology, or about a $8/CPM. I plan to give this a try in the coming week and will report back on results. What I would love to see is a way for a user to subscribe to my feed directly from the headline animator. That would make the ad run potentially even more beneficial.

This is usually the point when I would say FeedBurner is attempting to eat some of Google's AdWords lunch, but as we know, All Our Feeds Belong To Google.

This should be a good complement to StumbleUpon's advertising model and together with AdWords should be an excellent mix for advertisers of all sizes.