Make money by embedding YouTube clips in your site - Coming soon

This is very interesting: according to this page on YouTube, certain sites can now embed YouTube players that contain an AdSense unit above the clip. In other words: you could soon make money by embedding YouTube clips in your site.

The page, spotted by ProBlogger today, doesn’t yet provide a way to sign up for this, and I can’t find any mention in my AdSense account. However, it does display a new type of embedded player that’s long enough to accommodate the ad unit. It also mentions that the player is customizable.

The results could be interesting: if these are the typical Pay Per Click ads (probably a safe assumption), revenues will be low. If they are pay-per-view, however (click the banner to view a video ad in the player), the results could be better.

They also seem to be dodging a bullet: putting these ads on just any old videos would lead to YouTube paying publishers for distributing potentially copyrighted content. That doesn’t appear to be the case; instead, they’ve signed up a number of premium content providers who are happy to have their content shared in this way.

Has anyone seen these players in the wild?


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Another Google Acquisition, this time 'Zingku'

Google say they acquired “certain assets and technology of Zingku,” the Google Operating System blog reports. Here’s what Zingku does, according to their About page:

Our service is designed from the mobile phone, outward, allowing you to create and exchange things of interest ranging from invitations to “mobile flyers” with friends in a trusted manner. On the mobile phone, Zingku uses standard text messaging and picture messaging features that come with every phone. On the web, our service uses your standard web browser and instant messenger. There is nothing to install.

It’s a bit like a mobile social network and communication platform, supporting polls, RSS to SMS converters, mobile photo sharing and more.

At this time, sign-ups for new users are frozen while Zingku integrates with Google; existing users get the chance to opt out of the move until October 4th.

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Now that's what is called a DEADLOCK ...

Laziness is the worst enemy of humans . . .
- Jawaharlal Nehru.

Humans should learn to love even their worst enemies...!!!
- Mahatma Gandhi

Now that's what is called a DEADLOCK ...

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Huge Collection of Just for laugh Gags

Huge Collection of Just for laugh Gags

Click here to go to that Huge collection of Just for laugh Gags
JUST FOR LAUGHS GAGS -  guy pissing Video Clip

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Free Stock Images 100 Sources [Legal]

By Laura Milligan

If you’ve ever tried to design a website or blog, you’ve probably felt the need to add images to your creation. It can be easy to see the Internet as a free-for-all, but images belong to the people who created them. Staying legal means you’ll have to either create your own images or buy them from stock sites. Fortunately, there are a number of sources for free images, and we’ve collected them here. So read on for 100 sources where you can find free stock images: and don’t worry — they’re all legal!

Most Popular

These resources are some of the most popular free stock image sites on the Web and with good reason. If you’re looking for some mainstream images, these are the first place to try.

  1. FreeFoto: claims to be “the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet.” They’re available for offline projects as well, as long as you’re not using them to make a profit.
  2. KAVEWALL: Look for images and textures in unique categories like tattoo, smoke, and food.
  3. Digital Dreamer: Free, royalty-free stock images can be found here.
  4. Free Photos Bank: This features a handful of the newest photos in their directory, so check back often.
  5. Free Digital Photos: Find gorgeous, easy-to-download photographs in categories like animals, celebrations, home & garden, and lots more.
  6. PD Photo: Browse through the categories and subcategories in this site’s database, most of which depict the urban and rural landscapes of the United States.
  7. Visipix: Search over a million photographs and fine art pieces.
  8. Cepolina: On cepolina, you can choose to save photos in up to five different formats.
  9. DexHaus: A wide array of beautiful images are found on this well-organized site.
  10. Chances are you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for on this terrific site.
  11. TurboPhoto: TurboPhoto has 10 categories keep the high res photos easy to find.
  12. Yotophoto: An immensely popular site, Yotophoto is worth checking out.
  13. Stockvault: Search by photo subject or by the newest and most popular photos on Stockvault.
  14. Dreamstime: While most of the photos on this site cost a fee (some as low as $0.26/image), Dreamstime provides a few free stock photos.
  15. Open Stock Photography: This site offers over one million images for you to download and use however you want.

Community-Powered Content

In addition to being a great source of images, these sites host forums, file sharing and other features designed to nurture community spirit.

  1. Image After: Search tons of free photos on this site while meeting other photography lovers on the forum.
  2. Use the images however you want, just make sure you let them know where you’ve published it!
  3. Font Play: This site has nearly 10,000 free photos for you to use any way you want. Look under the “Guests” heading to search by your favorite contributor.
  4. Studio 25: This attractive site lets you upload and search images.
  5. Vintage Pixels: Share your archived photos with other users. Download images that work for your Web site or blog.
  6. Abstract Influence: Search for the stock images you want while talking about photography with other visitors on the site’s forum.
  7. amygdela’s atmosphere: This site hosts a forum and a blog, as well as tons of stock images.
  8. Every Stock Photo: A forum and blog keep this stock image site fun and informative.
  9. Photocase: The good people at Photocase are “prettying up the world.” Check out their great library of stock images.
  10. deviantART: Provocative photos spawn great debates on the site’s forum.

Artists Welcome

It’s probably pretty safe to say that every stock image site on the Web needs the help of photographers to keep it running. The following sites, however, really cater to the needs of photographers, designers, and other artists even though they’re donating their photos for free.

  1. Stock.xchng: Check out the gorgeous shots organized into lots of different categories, making your search as easy as possible.
  2. Morguefile: Browse thousands of beautiful photos in this site’s archives, but don’t miss their job board either!
  3. Woophy: This site organizes photographs by geographical location. Enter into their contest for a chance to win great prizes.
  4. The NOAA Library: Breathtaking science and nature shots are available at this site. Don’t forget to check out the “Meet the Photographers” page which includes short bios and descriptions of the featured photogs.
  5. Pixel Perfect Digital: Get tons of free stock images and read the latest in photography news.
  6. Free Range Stock: Photographers are rewarded for giving away their pictures by getting a percentage of the site’s total ad revenue.
  7. AMG Media: As long as you give credit to the photographer somewhere on your site, these images are yours for the taking.
  8. Free Photographs Network: Submit photographs for others to see, or download some for your own use.
  9. If you’re a photographer, submit your best pictures for a chance to win cool prizes.
  10. If you can’t find a picture of anything you want, go to and make a request for whatever it is you’re thinking of. Photographers will take pictures for you — and it’s still free!
  11. Submit your photos for consideration.
  12. Fotogenika: Send in your photos for other visitors to use on their personal sites.
  13. Image Temple: Send in your own photos to be included in this site’s gallery.
  14. Flickr: Most of the photos on this site are not free, but a clever search will turn up some real goodies.
  15. Downloaders must link their chosen photo back to the site, which gives the photographer credit.

Less is Sometimes More

Just because the sites listed in this section aren’t as expansive as some of the others on our list doesn’t mean they’re not worth checking out. Sometimes less can really means more, especially when it comes to narrowing down your search or coming across hard-to-find treasures.

  1. Mayang’s Free Texture Library: Download high-res textures from this site, which has categories like architecture, buildings, plants, wood, and stone.
  2. Liam’s Pictures from Old Books: Discover hard-to-find illustrations from old books, “most with multiple high-resolution versions.”
  3. Texture Warehouse: Find interesting textures at this great site.
  4. Free Stock Photos: Nature shots and religious themes are abundant at this free stock photography site.
  5. BurningWell: Totally free images are organized into categories like animals, bugs, cityscapes, people, plants, and textures.
  6. Design Packs: New images and themes are added monthly, so this site may not be a well kept secret too much longer!
  7. Amazing Textures: This site is a web designer’s dream. Browse hundreds of high res textures and backgrounds.
  8. Aarin Free Photo and Digital Images: These site boasts nearly 1,000 fantastic images for you to choose from.
  9. Image Base: On Image Base, breathtaking photographs are organized in categories like nature, concept, people, and city.
  10. Majestic Imagery: All the photos on this site were taken by the host.
  11. diwiesign studio: All the images are free, but if you’re a frequent user, you might want to consider making a donation to this photo entrepreneur.
  12. Zurb Photos: Photographer Bryan Zmijewski uploads his own images onto this site.
  13. Find urban images for free, but consider making a contribution to this artist’s cause.
  14. LIGHTmatter: These gorgeous photos were all taken by the same artist, who also hosts the Web site.
  15. Insect Images: Find all kinds of photos of creepy crawlers here.

Stock Images Plus

There is a lot more to legal stock images than just a bank of free photos. The sites in this section all go beyond being a basic stock photography resource by offering more services that will help improve your search for and use of stock images.

  1. Creative Commons: This nonprofit site shows you how to license your images once they’ve been uploaded onto your site.
  2. Free Images: This British site offers free images as well as wallpapers, desktops, and a section of ideas and tips that will help you customize your image experience, whether you’re a photographer or not.
  3. Creating Online: This stock images site is an excellent resource for any new blogger or Web site developer. Learn about editing your images, hosting, domains, and more.
  4. ArtFavor: Find stock images, fonts, sounds, flash clipart, and more, are all on this terrific site.
  5. Geek Philosopher: Find hilarious and beautiful stock images side by side. Also check out the site’s blog and web hosting capabilities.
  6. Gimp Savvy: In addition to finding great images, Gimp Savvy also gives tips on photo touchups, making a collage, and more.
  7. Creativity 103: Find free abstract images and videos on Creativity 103.
  8. Search photos and textures while learning about images in the tutorials section.
  9. One Odd Dude: Download photographs, wallpapers, textures, and more on One Odd Dude.
  10. Discover: Search for your favorite subjects or web sites, and hundreds of free icons, stock images, and other designs will appear.
  11. Photoshop Support: On Photoshop Support, browse photos, read the tutorials, and check out the great imaging tools.
  12. Search antique portraits and use the geneaology resources link to connect you to even more tools.
  13. Free Media Goo: Download free stock images, audio, and video on Free Media Goo.
  14. National Park Service Digital Image Archive: Check out beautiful pictures taken for the NPS. This site also provides a link to the NPS official site.
  15. <New York Public Library Digital Gallery: Browse through thousands of prints, illustrations, and photos. Read the photographic services and permissions page for more information on downloading high-res files.


These image sites don’t necessarily fit into one particular category, but they’ve still got a lot to offer.

  1. Backgrounds Archive: Find beautiful backgrounds for your desktop or MySpace page.
  2. USDA Agricultural Research Service: The government’s Agricultural Research Service sponsors this “complimentary source of high quality digital photographs.”
  3. Holy Land Photos: Poignant photos of the Holy Land are available here.
  4. This site makes organizing your downloads easy.
  5. Four Bees: Browse through the stock images directory, or download royalty free music and video on Four Bees.
  6. Clipmarks: Search for free stock images with this handy tool.
  7. Yellowstone Digital Slide File: These beautiful shots of Yellowstone National Park are available for use by the media and public.
  8. Plants of Hawaii: Perfect for any botanist, this site has over 45,000 images of Hawaiian plants.
  9. Microshots: This site specializes in microscopic images.
  10. IN TEXTURE: Free stock textures are plentiful on this site.
  11. Trip Album: This site is all in French, but the photos are divided into categories based on country, making it easy to figure out.
  12. Orange Trash: Find pictures about Hungary on this Web site.
  13. Public domain stock photos: Browse categories like backgrounds, food, nature, objects, and seasonal on this site.
  14. BAJstock: Written in both French and English, this stock image site has tons of photos for you to use for free.
  15. NWYK Stock Image Library: This hilarious site provides free images that capture the drudgery and playfulness of office life.


These stock image sites offer a wide range of photo subjects, perfect for casual browsing or a way to get ideas before you plan out your site.

  1. Public Domain Photos: Check out these gorgeous pictures of animals, cities, landscapes, and more.
  2. Find photos of beautiful places all around the world, as well as fun shots in the Christmas, grafitti, or food categories
  3. Photogen: Look through the Top 10 gallery to find the most popular downloads in a preview-friendly thumbnail format.
  4. Free Pixels: Find free photos, logos, or other images on this site.
  5. DHD Multimedia Gallery: Search through thousands of basic photos.
  6. PIX: This site is so easy, you don’t even have to register to download.
  7. Photo Rack: New photos are featured at the bottom of the page, so check back often to make sure you don’t miss anything great.
  8. Free Stock Photos: On Free Stock Photos, each image comes with a description detailing its size.
  9. Barry’s Free Photos: This is a great site for finding all different kinds of images for your Web site.
  10. Cromavista: This site is all in Spanish but still easy to navigate if you’re not a native speaker.
  11. IronOrchid: Several different categories allow for an efficient search on IronOrchid.
  12. Image Blowout: Have fun looking through these unique photos.
  13. Tons of categories and subcategories make searching for photos on this site simple.
  14. ilovefreePhoto: This fun, attractive site makes searching for that perfect photo a little less frustrating.
  15. Free Photo Station: Loads of great photos are all free on this site.

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Advanced Photoshop Magazine


The latest and greatest techniques;

- Combine images with typography

- Incorporate fully editable 3D content

- Speed up workflow with handy layers tips

Creative Tutorials

Challenging & inspiring Masterclasses inc;

- Get inventive with custom brush presets

- Create Concept Art with Paul Gerrard

- Draw accurate portraits

Also featured;

- How Photoshop is used in architecture

- Tips from the hottest Photoshop artists

- Interview with Radiographics

Click here for more information on the latest magazine issue and all back issues

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The 25 most difficult questions on a Job interview

The 25 most difficult questions you'll be asked on a job interview

Being prepared is half the battle.

If you are one of those executive types unhappy at your present post and embarking on a New Year's resolution to find a new one, here's a helping hand. The job interview is considered to be the most critical aspect of every expedition that brings you face-to- face with the future boss. One must prepare for it with the same tenacity and quickness as one does for a fencing tournament or a chess match.

This article has been excerpted from "PARTING COMPANY: How to Survive the Loss of a Job and Find Another Successfully" by William J. Morin and James C. Cabrera. Copyright by Drake Beam Morin, inc. Publised by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

Morin is chairman and Cabrera is president of New York-based Drake Beam Morin, nation's major outplacement firm, which has opened offices in Philadelphia.

1. Tell me about yourself.

Since this is often the opening question in an interview, be extracareful that you don't run off at the mouth. Keep your answer to a minute or two at most. Cover four topics: early years, education, work history, and recent career experience. Emphasize this last subject. Remember that this is likely to be a warm-up question. Don't waste your best points on it.

2. What do you know about our organization?

You should be able to discuss products or services, revenues, reputation, image, goals, problems, management style, people, history and philosophy. But don't act as if you know everything about the place. Let your answer show that you have taken the time to do some research, but don't overwhelm the interviewer, and make it clear that you wish to learn more.

You might start your answer in this manner: "In my job search, I've investigated a number of companies.

Yours is one of the few that interests me, for these reasons..."

Give your answer a positive tone. Don't say, "Well, everyone tells me that you're in all sorts of trouble, and that's why I'm here", even if that is why you're there.

3. Why do you want to work for us?

The deadliest answer you can give is "Because I like people." What else would you like-animals?

Here, and throughout the interview, a good answer comes from having done your homework so that you can speak in terms of the company's needs. You might say that your research has shown that the company is doing things you would like to be involved with, and that it's doing them in ways that greatly interest you. For example, if the organization is known for strong management, your answer should mention that fact and show that you would like to be a part of that team. If the company places a great deal of emphasis on research and development, emphasize the fact that you want to create new things and that you know this is a place in which such activity is encouraged. If the organization stresses financial controls, your answer should mention a reverence for numbers.

If you feel that you have to concoct an answer to this question - if, for example, the company stresses research, and you feel that you should mention it even though it really doesn't interest you- then you probably should not be taking that interview, because you probably shouldn't be considering a job with that organization.

Your homework should include learning enough about the company to avoid approaching places where you wouldn't be able -or wouldn't want- to function. Since most of us are poor liars, it's difficult to con anyone in an interview. But even if you should succeed at it, your prize is a job you don't really want.

4. What can you do for us that someone else can't?

Here you have every right, and perhaps an obligation, to toot your own horn and be a bit egotistical. Talk about your record of getting things done, and mention specifics from your resume or list of career accomplishments. Say that your skills and interests, combined with this history of getting results, make you valuable. Mention your ability to set priorities, identify problems, and use your experience and energy to solve them.

5. What do you find most attractive about this position? What seems least attractive about it?

List three or four attractive factors of the job, and mention a single, minor, unattractive item.

6. Why should we hire you?

Create your answer by thinking in terms of your ability, your experience, and your energy. (See question 4.)

7. What do you look for in a job?

Keep your answer oriented to opportunities at this organization. Talk about your desire to perform and be recognized for your contributions. Make your answer oriented toward opportunity rather than personal security.

8. Please give me your defintion of [the position for which you are being interviewed].

Keep your answer brief and taskoriented. Think in in terms of responsibilities and accountability. Make sure that you really do understand what the position involves before you attempt an answer. If you are not certain. ask the interviewer; he or she may answer the question for you.

9. How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our firm?

Be realistic. Say that, while you would expect to meet pressing demands and pull your own weight from the first day, it might take six months to a year before you could expect to know the organization and its needs well enough to make a major contribution.

10. How long would you stay with us?

Say that you are interested in a career with the organization, but admit that you would have to continue to feel challenged to remain with any organization. Think in terms of, "As long as we both feel achievement-oriented."

11. Your resume suggests that you may be over-qualified or too experienced for this position. What's Your opinion?

Emphasize your interest in establishing a long-term association with the organization, and say that you assume that if you perform well in his job, new opportunities will open up for you. Mention that a strong company needs a strong staff. Observe that experienced executives are always at a premium. Suggest that since you are so wellqualified, the employer will get a fast return on his investment. Say that a growing, energetic company can never have too much talent.

12. What is your management style?

You should know enough about the company's style to know that your management style will complement it. Possible styles include: task oriented (I'll enjoy problem-solving identifying what's wrong, choosing a solution and implementing it"), results-oriented ("Every management decision I make is determined by how it will affect the bottom line"), or even paternalistic ("I'm committed to taking care of my subordinates and pointing them in the right direction").

A participative style is currently quite popular: an open-door method of managing in which you get things done by motivating people and delegating responsibility.

As you consider this question, think about whether your style will let you work hatppily and effectively within the organization.

13. Are you a good manager? Can you give me some examples? Do you feel that you have top managerial potential?

Keep your answer achievementand ask-oriented. Rely on examples from your career to buttress your argument. Stress your experience and your energy.

14. What do you look for when You hire people?

Think in terms of skills. initiative, and the adaptability to be able to work comfortably and effectively with others. Mention that you like to hire people who appear capable of moving up in the organization.

15. Have you ever had to fire people? What were the reasons, and how did you handle the situation?

Admit that the situation was not easy, but say that it worked out well, both for the company and, you think, for the individual. Show that, like anyone else, you don't enjoy unpleasant tasks but that you can resolve them efficiently and -in the case of firing someone- humanely.

16. What do you think is the most difficult thing about being a manager or executive?

Mention planning, execution, and cost-control. The most difficult task is to motivate and manage employess to get something planned and completed on time and within the budget.

17. What important trends do you see in our industry?

Be prepared with two or three trends that illustrate how well you understand your industry. You might consider technological challenges or opportunities, economic conditions, or even regulatory demands as you collect your thoughts about the direction in which your business is heading.

18. Why are you leaving (did you leave) your present (last) job?

Be brief, to the point, and as honest as you can without hurting yourself. Refer back to the planning phase of your job search. where you considered this topic as you set your reference statements. If you were laid off in an across-the-board cutback, say so; otherwise, indicate that the move was your decision, the result of your action. Do not mention personality conflicts.

The interviewer may spend some time probing you on this issue, particularly if it is clear that you were terminated. The "We agreed to disagree" approach may be useful. Remember hat your references are likely to be checked, so don't concoct a story for an interview.

19. How do you feel about leaving all your benefits to find a new job?

Mention that you are concerned, naturally, but not panicked. You are willing to accept some risk to find the right job for yourself. Don't suggest that security might interest you more than getting the job done successfully.

20. In your current (last) position, what features do (did) you like the most? The least?

Be careful and be positive. Describe more features that you liked than disliked. Don't cite personality problems. If you make your last job sound terrible, an interviewer may wonder why you remained there until now.

21. What do you think of your boss?

Be as positive as you can. A potential boss is likely to wonder if you might talk about him in similar terms at some point in the future.

22. Why aren't you earning more at your age?

Say that this is one reason that you are conducting this job search. Don't be defensive.

23. What do you feel this position should pay?

Salary is a delicate topic. We suggest that you defer tying yourself to a precise figure for as long as you can do so politely. You might say, "I understand that the range for this job is between $______ and $______. That seems appropriate for the job as I understand it." You might answer the question with a question: "Perhaps you can help me on this one. Can you tell me if there is a range for similar jobs in the organization?"

If you are asked the question during an initial screening interview, you might say that you feel you need to know more about the position's responsibilities before you could give a meaningful answer to that question. Here, too, either by asking the interviewer or search executive (if one is involved), or in research done as part of your homework, you can try to find out whether there is a salary grade attached to the job. If there is, and if you can live with it, say that the range seems right to you.

If the interviewer continues to probe, you might say, "You know that I'm making $______ now. Like everyone else, I'd like to improve on that figure, but my major interest is with the job itself." Remember that the act of taking a new job does not, in and of itself, make you worth more money.

If a search firm is involved, your contact there may be able to help with the salary question. He or she may even be able to run interference for you. If, for instance, he tells you what the position pays, and you tell him that you are earning that amount now and would Like to do a bit better, he might go back to the employer and propose that you be offered an additional 10%.

If no price range is attached to the job, and the interviewer continues to press the subject, then you will have to restpond with a number. You cannot leave the impression that it does not really matter, that you'll accept whatever is offered. If you've been making $80,000 a year, you can't say that a $35,000 figure would be fine without sounding as if you've given up on yourself. (If you are making a radical career change, however, this kind of disparity may be more reasonable and understandable.)

Don't sell yourself short, but continue to stress the fact that the job itself is the most important thing in your mind. The interviewer may be trying to determine just how much you want the job. Don't leave the impression that money is the only thing that is important to you. Link questions of salary to the work itself.

But whenever possible, say as little as you can about salary until you reach the "final" stage of the interview process. At that point, you know that the company is genuinely interested in you and that it is likely to be flexible in salary negotiations.

24. What are your long-range goals?

Refer back to the planning phase of your job search. Don't answer, "I want the job you've advertised." Relate your goals to the company you are interviewing: 'in a firm like yours, I would like to..."

25. How successful do you you've been so far?

Say that, all-in-all, you're happy with the way your career has progressed so far. Given the normal ups and downs of life, you feel that you've done quite well and have no complaints.

Present a positive and confident picture of yourself, but don't overstate your case. An answer like, "Everything's wonderful! I can't think of a time when things were going better! I'm overjoyed!" is likely to make an interviewer wonder whether you're trying to fool him . . . or yourself. The most convincing confidence is usually quiet confidence.

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1GB 20 years ago and 1GB now

It's amazing how quickly technology advances these days...
This hard drive was on display in the museum of computing, a part of a computer and modern communications festival we held in Murska Sobota, Slovenia.

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Adobe Security Vulnerability Found, Beware of PDF Files!

Hacker Discovers Serious Vulnerability in PDF Files

Don’t open any PDF files anytime soon. Better yet, don’t even go to any websites where PDF files may be embedded. According to hacker Petko Petkov, there’s a vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat/Reader that lets malware into your Windows box with no prompts of any sort. All you need to do is open a PDF file or open a URL that has a PDF file embedded.

Petkov says that this has been confirmed for Adobe Reader 8.1 on Windows XP, though a comprehensive list of other affected versions has not been compiled or published. It’s important to note that this vulnerability has not been confirmed by any third parties or Adobe as of yet. A similar vulnerability for Quicktime on Firefox had been found by Petkov as well, and has been addressed with Firefox’s latest release
source wired

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Giant Undersea Cable by Google?

image © flickr

Grahame Lynch of CommsDay reports (my emphasis):

Google is planning a multi-terabit undersea communications cable across the Pacific Ocean for launch in 2009, Communications Day has learned.

The Unity cable has been under development for several months, with a group of carriers and Google meeting for high-level talks on the plan in Sydney last week. (...)

Communications Day understands that Unity would see Google join with other carriers to build a new multi-terabit cable. Google would get access to a fibre pair at build cost handing it a tremendous cost advantage over rivals such as MSN and Yahoo, and also potentially enabling it to peer with Asia ISPs behind their international gateways - considerably improving the affordability of Internet services across Asia Pacific.

CommsDay says Google didn’t directly deny or conform the rumors, with Google’s Barry Schnitt telling them:

Additional infrastructure for the Internet is good for users and there are a number of proposals to add a Pacific submarine cable. We’re not commenting on any of these plans.

Does this rumor sound crazy? Well, have a look at this Google job position:

Strategic Negotiator, Submarine Cable - Mountain View (...)

Submarine cable Strategic Negotiators are specifically responsible for working with internal technical and business teams to identify, select, and negotiate submarine networking contracts as part of the development of Google’s global backbone. These negotiators will work closely with vendors to identify highly cost-effective solutions under the most favorable commercial and technical terms possible. They will also be involved in new projects or investments in cable systems that Google may contemplate to extend or grow its backbone. Negotiators will need to have in-depth knowledge of the global submarine cabling system and a rock-solid understanding of how terrestrial constraints drive strategic submarine networking decisions.

And it may just be a coincidence, but a while ago Google Blogoscoped co-editor Tony Ruscoe found the Google intranet subdomain “”. John Paczkowski of Digital Daily comments, “It’s clear Google has telecom aspirations, but apparently they’re quite a bit grander than previously thought – undersea-cable grand.”


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Google Presentations is online

Google has launched its long anticipated presentation tool, thus completing the initial version of its office suite. Google first announced their PowerPoint competitor back in April at the Web 2.0 Expo, and along the way acquired startup Zenter to beef up their efforts.

In conjunction with the launch, Google has renamed “Docs & Spreadsheets” to the more appropriate “Google Docs,” and integrated presentations smoothly with the company’s previously available word processing and spreadsheet offerings. The interface for creating and editing a presentation is a similar look and feel to PowerPoint, with a rich text editor, the option to insert images, and even a few themes to choose from. Additionally, you can import PowerPoint files into Docs where they can then be edited and shared.

Similar to Google’s earlier released products for word processing and spreadsheets, Google’s new presentation feature allows for collaborative editing, keeps track of revisions, and includes a real-time chat. Additionally, there is an option for presenters to conduct a slide show to a selected audience, making the software a very rudimentary competitor to services like WebEx and GoToMeeting.

For users who are already familiar with Google Docs word processing and spreadsheet programs, the user interface for presentations will feel quite familiar and easy to use. While it might be a little premature to call it a PowerPoint killer, the battle for office supremacy is now officially on.

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Resources for Your Web Hosting Needs – Unlimited full domains, 250MB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth and cPanel controls. There is no forced advertising to clutter up your pages.

110MB – Get 24×7 server monitoring, 24×7 customer support, no forced ads, 10 MySql databases, 2GB of web space and front page extensions for free.

200MB Host – Their free plan comes with 150MB of disk space, 4GB of data transfer, one domain, one MySql database, Microsoft FrontPage support and more. – Free hosting plan comes with support for unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, 60MB of disk space, 1 email address, file manager and a WYSIWYG file editor.

AgilityHoster – Free hosting provider that gives you 200MB of disk space, 5GB data transfer, PHP, Perl, CGI and MySQL, 5 email accounts and more.

ATB Host - They offer free web space, free hosting, and paid hosting for all of your needs with your own domain or subdomain. – Here is a free web hosting company that gives you unlimited traffic, 50MB of web space and no forced advertising. All accounts come with POP3 email, free data backups, free FTP and instant account setup, to get you started. – Their free accounts give you access to 200MB of disk space, 5GB of data transfer, 2 domains and 5 sub-domains, 5 POP3 email accounts and webmail.

Awesome WebSpace - A provider of free web hosting with no forced banner ads on your site. All free accounts come with 8GB of file storage, 8GB of transfer, PHP5, MySQL and more.

Bravenet – Now hosting over 1 million websites, a free account gets you 1.5GB of bandwidth, 50MB of disk space, website builders and your site is ad supported. They also have a referral program that pays you up to $100 dollars for every person you refer to their service.

DotEasy – Their $0 dollar hosting plan comes with 100MB of storage, 1GB of bandwidth, 10 email accounts and no forced advertisements.

FatHippoHosting - Free hosting plan comes with 10GB of disk space, 5GB of data transfer, free domain hosting, free sub-domain, PHP 5, FTP and AW Stats for keeping track of your visitors.

FateBack – Free hosting plan comes with 60MB of disk space, free FTP, unlimited bandwidth, the ability to host unlimited websites and more, running on Linux servers.

Fortune City - Free ad supported web hosting. 100 MB of storage, web and FTP access, easy blogging tool and more.

Free Hostia - A free account gives you 250MB of data storage, 5GB of bandwidth, 3 POP3 email accounts, access for up to 10 sub-domains, free one click install scripts, video tutorials for easy learning and more.

Free Hosties – Their free hosting comes with PHP 5, MySql, 5 sub-domains, FTP access, automatic script installer and the backend is powered by Vista Panel. They do not place forced advertisements on your site.

FreeHostingNow – With a free account you will get 10GB of bandwidth, 10GB of disk space, one click install on 20 applications, PHP MySql, no forced advertising and more.

Free Hyper Space – Get a free account with 1000MB of storage, 10GB of bandwidth, free FTP account, easy to use control panel, 24×7 support and more.

FreeWeb7 – 24×7 monitoring, 7GB of disk space, 100GB of data transfer, FTP accounts, MySql, PHP and no advertisements.

Free Webs – They currently have over 17 million meMBers around the world. A free account gives you access to over 300 pre-made website templates, a WYSIWYG editor, mailing lists, forums, guest books, chat rooms and more, to get your website going.

Google Page Creator – Build and host your website with Google. There is no knowledge of HTML required and you can edit your pages within your web browser. Sites are only allowed sub-domains. – Free bannerless web hosting that includes 25MB of storage, 2GB data transfer, web-based control panel and more.

HostWQ - Offers free web hosting, paid hosting, dedicated servers, web support, and many more services. Their free hosting plan comes with 10GB of data transfer, 300MB of storage and FTP access.

HostZeroCost - All accounts have 10GB web space, 10GB bandwidth, 3 MySQL Databases, PHP scripting and a free subdomain.

HyperPHP – Their free bannerless hosting plans come with 250MB of disk space, 6GB of data transfer, up to 5 add-on domains, 1 FTP account, PHP MyAdmin and more.

IFastNet - They have a nice free package that includes 300MB of disk space, 6GB of bandwidth, PHP scripting support, free MySql database, instant account activation and more.

IpowerHosts - Get your site online with 25MB of disk space, 2GB of bandwidth, free web based email, free data backups, web control panel, guest book, file manager, online website builder and more.

LeadHoster - They have easy one-click-installation tools helping you to setup web-based open source applications like phpBB forums, Joomla content management, AdvancedGuestBook, WordPress, PhpFusion, Xoops Portals and many others. – Free hosting plan comes with your own personal domain name, 250MB of disk space, 5GB of bandwidth, unlimited POP3 email accounts, shared SSL, PHP, CGI and more.

MyFreeWebhost - All accounts have 120MB space, 1000MB bandwidth, 3 MySQL Databases, PHP scripting and no advertisements. – A free PHP and MySql hosting provider. Free hosting includes the popular cPanel control panel, 300MB of disk space, 6MB of bandwidth, FTP account and more. - Offers 50MB of free hosting space to it’s users. You also get 500MB of bandwidth and a free online web page editor. Plus no forced ads or pop-ups.

NoFeeHost-Free Windows hosting with 100MB of disk space, ASP support, FTP access, an online control panel and more.

PHPNet – Their free PHP enabled hosting plan comes with 300MB of disk space, 6GB of monthly transfer, automatic script installer, no setup fee and instant activation of your account.

RipWay – Full PHP scripting support, 30MB of storage, no forced banners, unlimited access to your files and dedicated customer service. – Offers a free high performance account that includes one sub-domain, 250MB of disk storage, 1GB of bandwidth per day, FTP access, browser based HTML editor and more. - Free web hosting service with PHP, MySQL for domains/subdomains. Including cPanel 11, Fantastico, FTP, POP3, free parked domains, 150MB web space and 15GB bandwidth with 98% uptime guarantee.

StormLoader – Free plan comes with 50MB of web space, free page building tools, unlimited bandwidth, free online support, FTP access and more.

StormPages – They will give you a free hosting plan that comes with 50MB of disk space, website building tools, unlimited bandwidth, free online support and this plan is ad based.

T35 Hosting - Free plan comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, FTP access, free domain hosting, a control panel and more. There hosting is ad supported, meaning they will be placing advertisements on your site.

TopCities - They offer 150MB of free web space and lots of free tools for you to build your own web site.

Tripod - Their entry-level plan gives you 20 MB of disk space, 1GB of monthly bandwidth, shorter URLs and easy to use building tools.

WebNG - They provide their members with 350MB of free web space, 10GB of bandwidth, and FTP uploader, without forced advertisements. Some other features they have are a free photo album service, access to scripting languages like ASP with MS Access database, image hosting, and more.

Webmaster Networks – A free account gives you 100MB Space and 1GB of Bandwidth, advertisement free and the popular cPanel control panel. You have the option of using your own full domain or they will give you a sub-domain.

WebSaMBa – If you love Windows, here is your opportunity for free ASP hosting. They give you 30 MB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and an FTP account all on Windows 2000 servers.

WebSpawner – Their hosting plans come with a free site builder so you will not be needing any programming or HTML knowledge, free support, free promotion guide and more.

X10 Hosting – Here you can get up to 45GB of bandwidth and the popular cPanel controls with their ad enhanced plan or choose the Ad free plan with 10bg of bandwidth. Both account types allow placement of your own advertisements. – Aside from hosting HTML files they will also host your multimedia files, give you a free FTP account, host unlimited domains, up to 10 email addresses and webstats.

XP Host - Comes with unlimited bandwidth and 400MB free disk space, a WYSIWYG editor, FTP access, a file manager and more.

Yahoo Geocities - Yahoo gives you a free sub-domain, free tools like Page Wizard, Page Builder and File Manager, their custom blogging tool and 15MB of disk space.

ZendURL – Free PHP web hosting with no forced advertising. All accounts come with 500MB of storage, 15GB of bandwidth, 2 databases and 1 FTP account. Some of the other features are free POP email, an auto script installer, PHP MyAdmin and an email forwarder.

Paid Web Hosting

1 & 1 - A full-range hosting featuring your choice of Linux or Windows based servers, VPS, managed servers, ecomm packaged and more.

AccuWebHosting - Offers multiple pacages based on Windows or Linux servers, currently has 48 free installable scripts using Fantastico. - Only offers one hosting package, but offers bonuses based on length of contract. - Offers bulk domain registrations, dedicated hosting starting at $69.95, also offers Enterprise class hosting. - Offers a full range of products all the way through marketing and turn-key ecommerece solutions.

BlueCentral - Focuses more on company hosting than individual, also offers developer hosting, domain registrations and more.
BlueHost - Professional level hosting, but only offers one package, generous transfer allotment at 3TB.

Brinkster - Multiple datacenters, hosting packages from $4 a month to $28 with up to 500GB of storage. - Focuses on virtual hosting plans, so packages appear a little smaller than shared hosting providers.

Concentric - A clustered host providing numerous plans for all budgets, and levels of experience. – Heavy focus on Microsoft hosting, and a Gold Certified Partner.

Dot5 Hosting - Offers only one level of package, but as low as $4.95 a month if paying for 2 years in advance.

Dream Host - One of the best known hosts, offers four levels of hosting with weekly storage and bandwidth bonuses for as long as you’re with the company.

EhostPros - Offers reseller hosting, ASP hosting, ,NET hosting and dedicated server web hosting plans. Has an annual doubling of storage and bandwidth. - Offers hosting, reseller packages, dedicated servers, all running on Linux.

FastNext – Offers all your normal hosting options and dedicated servers running for as little as $39.95 a month.

Friendlier - Has three levels of shared hosting packages, script installer included. - Currently hosting over 100,000 sites, and offers packages with up to 5TB of storage.

GlowHost - Numerous shared hosting packages, dedicated servers, VPS and more.

Go Daddy - One of the best known names for domain registration and low cost virtual servers.

Host4Half - Offers shared hosting, reseller packages, email hosting, and ecommerce hosting.

Host Department - Multiple, low-cost packages, pay for 2 years up-front and receive 6 free months on any of the plans.

HostDime - All the usual packages up to dedicated servers, pride themselves on their customer service.

HostForWeb - Focusing on dedicated servers, resellers, and VPS, offers fiberoptic connection for faster delivery of your data.

HostGator -Offers shared hosting up to dedicated servers, running on CPanel and currently have 52 scripts for one-click installation.

Hostik - Focuses on ecommerece hosting packages and dedicated servers. Also offers domain registration. - Offers only one level of hosting packages, ability to host up to 5 domains.

HostMonster - One hosting package offered with a free domain name for new customers, has a focus on ecommerce. - Shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, help with SSL certificates, Miva Merchant and more.

HostWay - Focuses on small and medium businesses, allows for the hosting of 6 page mobile device websites. - Full-range of services from email hosting up to co-location and dedicated servers.

InMotion Hosting - From “personal cheap hosting” to VPS, InMotion offers a full range of products.

Intermedia – Focuses on small to medium level of business, offers white label exchange and iPhone support.

IpowerWeb – One of the biggest web hosts around offering shared hosting, Windows hosting and dedicated servers.

IX Web Hosting - Covers the needs of just about every type of hosting customer, all the way up to “unlimited” storage. - Focuses on Virtual Dedicate Servers and Dedicated Servers with scalable solutions.

Laughing Squid - Offers four levels of plans that seem a little lite on storage, but do include PHP, MySQL, Spam Assasin and more.

Lunar Pages - Six levels of hosting plans from basic to reseller, choice of Windows or Linux hosting.

MarbleHost - Business, corporate, and enterprise class hosting packages, host unlimited domains.

MaiaHost - Low-cost hosting with a focus on CMS hosting and blogs, over 150 available scripts to install.

Media3 - Offers multiple Linux and Windows hosting packages and dedicating hosting.

Media Temple - Focuses on corporate sized accounts such as Starbucks coffee, Nike and even Mashable.

MidPhase - Budget shared hosting plans as low as $7.95 a month, VPS, Dedicated hosting and more.

Net Acceleration - Provides a variety of web hosting plans to meet every need. Choose from their personal, business, and semi-dedicated hosting plans.

Network Solutions - Best known for being one of the big-guns of domain registration, also offers some web hosting with a free domain name. - Provider of web hosting, domain name, e-commerce, e-mail, e-marketing services and technology solutions.

NightSky Hosting - Configurable plans for many budgets, unlimited domain hosting. - Personal websites, small business hosting, Dedicated Servers and discounted prices for refurbished servers.

Omnis - Linux based accounts as low as $6.95 a month, Windows plans as low as $8.95, provides Tier-1 backbone access. - Offers more than just hosting, also has web collaboration tools and PC backup services.

Pandela - One hosting plan with free domain name, script installer and more.

Peer1 - Hosting solutions for all including gaming servers up to web 2.0 startups.

Planet Online - Four levels of customizable hosting plans with site builder featuring over 15,000 templates.

PowWeb - Onelevel of hosting, includes a simple, but upgradeable, shopping cart if you want to try your hand at selling on the web.

ProHosting - Offers both UNIX and Windows virtual hosting, their ecommerce package includes Miva Merchant.

RackSpace - Windows and Linux serves, managed Microsoft Exchange and more for medium to large businesses.

ServerSea - Extremely low-cost hoting plans start as low as $1.79 a month. Servers running on either RedHat Linux or Windows.

Site5 – Offers the usual fare of shared hosting, but also offers Multi-Site hosting where each site gets their own control panel to make them truly separate sites.

SiteGround - Shared hosting with a heavy emphasis on WordPress installs. Even offers their own unique designed themes for the popular blogging software.

StartLogic - Ecommerce friendly host with multiple hosting plans up to Dedicated Servers, also offers an SEO service.

SuperNova - Multiple hosting plans including an ecommerce friendly package with free shopping cart licenses.

TotalChoiceHosting - Pride themselves on having hosting plans for every budget, very active forum of users to help you with advice to build your site.

Verio - A multitude of hosting plan, all running on Unix or Windows Server 2003. Also offer VPS and Managed VPS. - Tier-1 datacenter for your virtual and reseller hosting plan.

WestHost - Offers shared hosting, Dedicated Servers, reseller & affiliate programs.

Wiz WebHost - Linux plans as low as $3.95, Windows plans starting at $7.95.

Resources and Software for Building Your Own Web Hosting Server

Apache HTTP Server - One of the best known sets of server software, can run on virtually any machine, turning them easily into your own web server.

AppServer – Version of Apache web server package configured with PHP support and MySql database engine

ArGoSoft Mail Server - A full SMTP/POP3/Finger/IMAP server for all Windows platforms that turns your computer into an email server.
BulletProof FTP Server - An FTP server giving you full control over the users connecting to the computer to download files.

Cherokee - Web server software that supports FastCGI, SCGI, PHP, CGI, TLS and SSL encrypted connections, Virtual hosts, Authentication, on the fly encoding, Apache compatible log files, and much more.

Cpanel and WebHost Manager - Two programs that work together to make a full-featured web control panel.

FileZilla Server – An easy to administer, open-source FTP Server, with the ability to handle all FTP requests.

KF Web Server - HTTP Server that can handle an unlimited number of sites.

Linux - Linux is a free Unix-type operating system that runs a good number of today’s servers.

MySQL - An open source database system that powers most of todays script based PHP programs such as WordPress, osCommerece, and more.

NanoWeb - An HTTP server written in PHP, is also expandable.

OpenPanel - A modular open source control panel.

PHP - An HTML-embedded scripting language used to dynamical generate pages, more and more sites run on it.
PhpMyAdmin - A tool written in PHP to handle running your MySQL databases.

SimpleDNS - Allows you to point domain names to your home server with ease.

SquirrelMail - A popular web based email reader you can install for your users to check their mail.

SurgeMail - An email server combined with Antispam Server, Antivirus Server, Groupware Server, Blog Server and much more.

Web-Developer Server Suite - The Web-Developer Server Suite is an open-source/non-proprietary, WAMP-based [Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP] web-server distribution for Windows that is fully configured and ready to run.

XAMPP - XAMPP is a very easy to install Apache Distribution for Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X. The package includes the Apache web server, MySQL, PHP, Perl, a FTP server and phpMyAdmin.

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Google Readying

Google-watcher Garett Rogers poked around the domain for a bit. While the domain was already owned by MarkMonitor since July this year – MarkMonitor being Google’s hired domain management company, as Garett explains – today “the name servers associated with this domain changed to NSx.GOOGLE.COM”, Garett reports, speculating this may be an important first step prior to launch something (e.g. your own online storage space to save files, but that’s just a rumor). Let’s wait and see...

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Templates & Tools for Blogger

Blogger Templates- A top-notch collection of Blogger themes and tutorials.

Blogger Templates- A collection of beautiful Blogger templates, many of which ported over from Wordpress. At this point, the site’s still in testing stages, but keep an eye on it in the near future.

Blogspot Templates- A comprehensive collection of Blogger templates.

Blogger Templates (Classic)- Many Blogger templates, most of which in a more “classic” style.

Free Blogger Templates, High Quality Blogger Templates- Plenty of free, standards compliant Blogger templates.

Free Templates- More free of charge Blogger templates.

Shellen Blogger Templates- A well-polished, semantically valid html theme for Blogger.

PsycHo- A nicely implemented free Blogger template generator.

Pannasmontana Templates- Some well-designed Blogger templates.

The Style Contest- Some great, well designed templates, many of which for use with Blogger.

Blogger Templates- Carl’s Journey- More nicely done Blogger templates.

Free directory of blog templates and layouts for Blogger- A comprehensive directory of Blogger templates, the title says it all.

Free Blogger Templates and Designs- Extremely well-designed, colorful, non-generic Blogger themes.

Daceblog- Blogger Templates- More, particularly well-designed templates for Blogger.

Tips for Blog Templates and Blog Designs in Photoshop- Tips for designing your own Blogger template, using photoshop.

Blogger Templates | A vast collection of Blogger templates, tools and tutorials.

Additional Tools and Resources

Download Blogger for Word- A Blogger add-in for Microsoft Word, allowing you to directly publish your documents to Blogger.

Blogger Data API- Integrate Blogger with your applications using the Google Data API (application programming interface).

Blogger Draft- Use a beta version of Blogger, prior to it’s release, full of new features and such.

Blogger Status- Stay up-to-date with the latest Blogger updates and so-on with the official Blogger blog.

Blogger for Educators- Learn how Blogger can assist teachers and students.

Google Macintosh Dashboard Widgets- A quick way to post to your blog via the OS X dashboard.

AvantBlog- Post to your Blogger blog from your Palm or Windows CE device.

Blogger, Publish, Ping, and Categorize- A Greasemonkey script for posting, pinging, and categorization to and from your Blogger blog.

HaloScan- Integrate trackbacks into Blogger.

w.bloggar- Windows application for integration with your blog, which includes several features web-based editors don’t offer. Manage various Blogger accounts efficiently.

Back up your Blogger Blog- A comprehensive tutorial regarding the backup of your Blogger data.

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Time in Kerala - Updated Google Time Onebox

Time In Kerala
Google slightly improved their onebox that shows the current time in different locations around the world, across the different time zones. For instance, you can enter time in Kerala or time in Kochi, germany or usa time. For one thing, the new time onebox result now shows different possible locations if the query is ambiguous (e.g. for the query usa time, locations range from Chicago to Washington or Denver). Also, the clock icon is now dynamic and shows the actual time... in gray/ silver when it’s night, and yellow/ gold when it’s day, apparently. The old time onebox was icon-less.

It seems time difference calculations can not be triggered though. Entering time difference germany china and similar will not show any onebox, even though it might be helpful.

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Excellent Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

If you are a Designer, You must see these tutorials

  • Aqua Text

    Re-create the font style that Mac OSX is famous for.

  • 3D Cliff Text

    Make text that looks like it’s a part of the land.

  • Matrix Style Text

    Take the red pill and learn how to create text in the style of The Matrix.

  • Brick Text

    Create text that looks like it was chipped out of a brick wall.

  • Set Your Text On Fire

    An advanced tutorial that shows how to create realistic flaming text.


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