Adobe’s New Media Player

Adobe announces at the MAX event in Chicago that it has teamed up with quite a few major content publishers, who will be using the Adobe Media Player for distribution purposes. CBS, PBS, Yahoo Video, Meredith Corporation,,, Motionbox, MyToons and StimTV are the content publishers that are going to be distributing video content online with the new media player. It’s built on AIR, and can play and enable downloads for videos both online and offline. It’s available immediately, and can be downloaded here.

The new player really looks to aid in the race to take Internet TV to the next level. Some of its new features include a subscription option for automatic delivery of content and improved distribution and tracking capabilities. There are also more ways to monetize and brand content, including dynamic advertising and player customization. It’s a given that some pretty serious content protection services are included in the new release of the Adobe Media Player.

From metrics to copyright protection, distribution, advertising and download options, Adobe’s becoming a one-stop shop for pushing branded content and making money all the while. We’re seeing this pattern with many of the larger distribution companies, such as Widgetbox and Silverlight, as these inclusive features make them more competitive and appealing to publishers, content creators, site owners and end users.