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I love V J Traven, Blessed singer...
Karunamayane from V.J Traven

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Pulsar Mania- Awesome TV Commercial of Bajaj Pulsar

Images Near Adsense Ads Are Not Allowed

Google have come out and given some very clear guidelines regarding images near adsense ads, And guess what, They don't allow them, At all.

These are not allowed

Images Near Adsense Ads Are Not Allowed

Can I place small images next to my Google ads?

We ask that publishers not line up images and ads in a way that suggests a relationship between the images and the ads. If your visitors believe that the images and the ads are directly associated, or that the advertiser is offering the exact item found in the neighboring image, they may click the ad expecting to find something that isn't actually being offered. That's not a good experience for users or advertisers.

Publishers should also be careful to avoid similar implementations that people could find misleading. For instance, if your site contains a directory of Flash games, you should not format the ads to mimic the game descriptions. via

For a while people were under the impression that as long as there was a divider or space between the images and the adsense ads that it was allowed, But google have clarified their position by giving examples of what isn't allowed on their recent blog post.

Google say that even though images are allowed on the page they ask Adsense publishers not to align the images with the adverts as to suggest a relationship between the images and the adsense block.
They also ask owners of game sites and directories not to format their adverts in a way which "mimics" their sites content as to reduce the chance of a user clicking the advert thinking it leads to site content.

The Google Adsense team were even nice enough to provide examples of adsense implementations which are not allowed, Which is probably something they should have done a long time ago.

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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 (Developer Preview)

Microsoft just released the first Internet Explorer 8 public beta.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 is a developer preview for web designers and developers to help prepare their websites for the launch of Internet Explorer 8. Some of the new features designed for developers include a developer toolbar and improved interoperability and compatibility.

Internet Explorer 8 is designed to work in standard mode out of this box. However, Microsoft provides a way for users to browse the web in a way similar to Internet Explorer 7 by using the emulate Internet Explorer 7 button on the chrome.

IE 8 Download & Product page
IE 8 Blog & Feedback

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Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 41

Issue 41

The latest and greatest techniques:
- Hollywood poster effects
- Paint digital portraits
- Top ten Photoshop problems solved

Creative Tutorials
Challenging & inspiring Masterclasses inc:
- Expert lighting techniques
- Illustrations with impact
- Create a Victorian street scene

Also featured;
- Type art explored
- Behind the scenes at design studios
- Interview with Simon Plant

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Nokia to bring Silverlight to millions of mobile users

Nokia to bring Silverlight to millions of mobile users
Old 20 Hours Ago

It seems that Flash Lite is getting a serious competitor now in its worldwide spreading.

Nokia today announced plans to make Microsoft Silverlight available for S60 on Symbian OS, the world's leading smartphone software(1), as well as for Series 40 devices and Nokia Internet tablets. Adding support for Silverlight will extend opportunities for developers to create rich, interactive applications that run on multiple platforms in a consistent and reliable way.

Read the full press release here.

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How run or open multiple gtalks in your Computer

Multiple Instances, Multiple Chats, Multiple GTalks: How-to

  • Create a new shortcut to Google Talk
  • Right-click and go into its properties
  • Add “/nomutex” to the end of the Target entry [ “c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe” “/nomutex”]
  • you have to make sure to put a space after startmenu & before the /nomutex!

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