Now Google can translate into Hindi

After a long wait, finally Google has added Hindi translation service into Google Translator. Now this Google application will allow automated translation between Hindi and English and vice-versa. This will definitely make Google more acceptable in Hindi speaking population of India. Still there is a huge population in India, which does not understand English, but want to access internet, so with this service they can avail all the advantages of internet.

For example if you type “Abhishek” using regular English characters and hit the space bar, then “mera” will be converted to the correspoding Hindi word. This service is also very useful for Indian bloggers as with the help of this service they can easily create their blogs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. So Indian bloggers, be ready to create blogs in your native language.

According to Google, they are working to support other Indian languages and will introduce them as soon as the automatic translation meets their standards. However they have no estimated time limits or dead lines for such projects, they don’t know how long such projects take, since the problem is complex and each language presents its own unique challenges. In India, only 12.8% people understand English, so this new Google service to translate into Hindi and other Indian languages will likely to spread the reach of internet in the remote towns and villages of India. By the way, you can read my blog in Hindi also.


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