Google's Blogger service is responsible for 2 % of the world's malware,

Google's Blogger service is responsible for 2 per cent of the world's malware, says a recent report from security firm Sophos.

The Security Threat Report for the first half of 2008 claims that hackers are setting up pages on the free blogging service to host malicious code, or simply posting links to infected websites in other bloggers' comments.

The security company, however, absolved Google from any blame.

A Google statement on the issue said, "Google takes the security of our users very seriously, and we work hard to protect them from malware," a company statement reads. "Using Blogger, or any Google product, to serve or host malware is a violation of our product policies. We actively work to detect and remove sites that serve malware from our network."

The report also ranks US at the top of the malware-hosting countries, with almost two of every five infected webpages based there. It is followed by China (which was #1 in 2007), Russia, Germany and Ukraine in the same order.

While the popularity of social networking sites has gone up manifolds, so has the crime related to them. In fact, industry networking website LinkedIn has also not been immune to attack, with phishers and scammers using the site.

The study also mentioned the astronomical rise of spam on mobile devices in places such as China, where such junk mail messages grew to almost 354 billion in 2007.