Kerala Blog Camp 2008

BlogCamp Kerala is on 16th August 2008

The Kerala’s First Unconference sponsored by Kerala Tourism will be conducted on August 16th, at AlapuzhaBlogging these days is much more than a tool for communication for many, its a way of expression, a freedom of sharing thoughts across cultures, an open communication channel, it has been more than a medium, it has been changing lives for those relying on it for opinion, expression and entertainment.

BlogCamp Kerala is an event conceived by a group of volunteer bloggers who want to meet up and share ideas and have casual discussions about blogging, internet, technology and more.

The main essence of the Blog Camp Kerala is “Unconference”. Blogging for the most of us is a passion first and a profession next. We celebrate unconferences in its best, thanks to its power of active participation, and its wholesome fun.


Below are the confirmed list of attendees. If you would like to attend the BlogCamp Kerala 2008, please enroll yourself on the official list with ContactVirus.

Official list:
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Official Website:

BlogCamp Kerala 2008Unconference Venue: Houseboat Pictures

Recently we received a few images about the houseboat which is sponsored by Kerala Tourism for the BlogCamp. They sure look good! What do you think?


Kerala Tourism (Govt. Of Kerala) is the main sponsor for the event who have been kind enough to rent us the venue for the event. BCK is currently inviting corporates and companies who are interested in sponsoring the event. Please get in touch with the organizers for more information on the same.