iPhone Price cut in India?

iPhone Price cut in India?
Would you jump at an iPhone 3G if it cost a mere Rs. 2000 less? Engadget suggests such a price slash, but guess what - there's no such discount! At least, not yet. (Yes, what were they thinking?)

Surprised with the rumor, our source at Vodafone has confirmed that the company has not declared any such news. He added, "The (good) news would be conveyed by Apple, and not telecom operators affiliated with it."

Now, one can reasonably assume that most people who intend to purchase the iPhone for its current price aren't exactly counting their coins. What difference will a mere Rs. 2000 discount make to a prospective iPhone buyer?

We're sure Apple wouldn't want to do something as silly as altering its price soon after declaring it. However, recalling the precedent of the original iPhone price-drop (which didn't happen immediately after its release), the fall in the price of the latest iPhone is expected, if not inevitable. But how long do we wait for it?

Here is a Rs. 30,000 plus product that puts itself outside the range of just about everyone who wanted one. Do you think the early feedback has Vodafone/Airtel thinking differently on the iPhone's price?