What can be done with Mouse Scroll Wheel In Firefox

There are many hidden gems in Firefox and exploring them makes us to wonder how well Firefox is designed by its creators. Today let us explore what we can do with mouse scroll wheel other than just scrolling the web pages.

1. Moving Back & Forward

Hold the shift key and move the mouse scroll while up and down to move back and forward of the browser history respectively.

2. Close a tab page without even displaying it

Popup ads of yesterday are new tab page ads of today. Few annoying web sites keeps opening popup adds as new tab pages. At times we don’t even want to see what is there in the unwanted tab and close it. Mouse scroll wheels come handy to deal with this situation. Just hover the mouse on the unwanted tab and click using mouse scroll wheel. The tab will be closed immediately.

3. Opening links in a new tab

To open any link on a new tab page just click it using the mouse scroll wheel. In the background Firefox silently opens the link in a new tab page.

4. Scroll line by line while reading a web page

This is the very useful functionality for those who read lot of stuff online. Hold the Alt key while scrolling the page using mouse scroll wheel to move it line by line. This come very handy while you need to scan text line by line.

5. Zoom In and Out images/text

Use CTRL + Mouse Scroll wheel to zoom in and out a web page

6. Scrolling though the tabs

If you open many tabs then Firefox adds a tab scroll as it runs out of space to show all the tabs. The general way of scrolling through the tabs is to use the arrows Firefox displays on the edges of tab area. The quickest way to scroll through the tabs is to use mouse scroll. Place the mouse scroll on any tab and move it up and down to scroll through the pages

7. Open a folder of bookmarks with a single click

Bookmark toolbar of Firefox is very handy to create bookmarks of the favourite web sites that we browse often. The bookmark tool bar also allows us to create folder and group the bookmarks under them. If you click on a folder with mouse scroll wheel, Firefox opens all the bookmarks of the folder in tab pages.

8. Move Up and Down

Click on the web page using mouse scroll wheel to use mouse to move the page up and down