How to start a Software company in india

how to start a new software company in india ?

which organization we have to contact ?

what are the pre-requisites to start a new company ?

what documents we have to show ?

and expenditure of total paper work

MCA 21 envisages electronic filing of documents and paperless administration and pertains to Registrar of Companies offices as stipulated in the Indian Companies Act, 1956 (the Act). One can get a complete understanding of the MCA 21 from the MCA portal. The key benifits envisioned by the MCA 21 are as under:

(a) On‐line incorporation of companies
(b) Simplified and easy mode of filing of Forms/ Returns
(c) Registration as well as verification of charges anytime and from anywhere
(d) Inspection of public documents of companies anytime from anywhere
(e) Corporate‐centric approach
(f) Building up a centralized database repository of corporates operating in India
(g) Enhanced service level fulfillment and customer relationship building
(h) Total transparency through eGovernance (i) Timely redressal of investor grievances (j) Availability of more time for MCA employees for qualitative analysis of corporate information

All the ROC's have virutally become back offices and several facilitaion centers have been set-up know as Registrar’s Front Offices (RFOs).

Armed with this knowledge, I proceeded to incorporating the company. For MCA21, the following four types of users are identified as users of Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs).
(a) MCA (government) employees ; b) Professionals (Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost accountants ) who interact with MCA and companies in the context of the Companies Act, 1956.; (c) Authorized Signatories and Directors of Companies ; (d) Representatives of Banks and Financial Institutions
I had already solicited the help of my collegue Vinod [who works with us ] who also happens to be a CA.

The first step - OBTAIN A DIN /Director Identification Number


An existing Director/ person intending to become a Director are required to make an application to MCA for allotment of a unique identification, namely, Director Identification Number (DIN). It is intended to be a lifetime number. For obtaining DIN, form DIN1, requiring personal details such as name, address, and email ID of the person making an application, is required to be filled in. There is a fee of Rs. 100/ for application for allotment of DIN. On submission of of form DIN1 online, applicant shall be allotted a provisional DIN and then he/ she is required to pay the requisite fees with reference to the provisional DIN obtained. The applicant shall be required to take a printout of the submitted eForm and will have to attach proof identity, proof of residence, proof of father’s name, proof of date of birth and photograph. The applicant shall be required to sign the physical copies of the form and get these documents duly notarzed/ attested by an approved authority. The applicant shall be required to send these documents along with the proof of payment made for DIN application to MCA DIN Cell at Noida. On receipt of these documents, the application will be scrutinised and on approval, the DIN shall become active. The outcome of application (approval / rejection) shall be communicated to the user through email. Also the applicant can enquire the application status by quoting provisional DIN allotted at MCA portal.


DIN is a mandatory process for foreign directors too and is required while applying for Form 1A [Name Availability Form]. A provisional DIN number is allotted instantly upon uploading the required information on the MCA portal. Eureka, it works..

The process of obtaining a permanent DIN however takes approximately 4 weeks subject of course to documents being in order. Form DIN-2 needs to be submitted to the MCA along with the approved number of all companies of which they hold a director position. DIN-3 attested by Company Secretary is required to be submitted to the concerned Registrar of Companies (ROC).

The Second step - DSC/ Digital Signature Certificate

The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is another requirement that is now required to be accomplished. I suggest that the DSC be applied parallel alongside applying for Name Availability since the process of incorporation can be accomplished that much more faster. The DSC can be obtained from six private agencies authorized by MCA 21 (Ministry of Corporate Affairs 21st century).

For the purpose of using the new electronic filing system under MCA 21 Project the applicant needs to obtain a Class II Digital Signature Certificate. Company directors submit the prescribed application form along with proof of identity and proof of address. Each agency has its own fee structure which ranges from INR 400 to INR 2650.


The process was remarkably smooth with the process taking around 2 days, although Vinod did share with me that he had encountered problems previously. If the directors are foreign in origin, valid address proofs in the form of passport duly notarised and photographs would need to be provided. It is advisable therefore that several copies [I had around 5 copies] of the address proof of the directors be notarised since this saves valuable time. A good CA is very necessary to ensure that there are no undue delays.

Step three - Applying for Name Availability

Perceived to be a simple step, this can at several instances be time consuming. It is therefore advisable to go in for professional consultation before one applies for name availability. Clients often feel that their chosen names would be made available to them as a matter of course. This of course is from from reality. There are a few tips to get your name of choice.

Firstly, caution must be exercised that the chosen name is not generic., in the sense the name must not be too general. For example Wipro technologies - while the name Wipro is just fine, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) would take objection to the usage of 'technologies'. This is because the ROC is guided by an internal circular to the effect which has come into effect post incorporation of most MNC's who tend to have generic names.

Secondly, a good CA would always suggest you to check informally at the ROC whether a choice of name would be available. This is quite critical to hasten the process.

Thirdly, in case of a wholly owned subsidiary, if the choice of name bears the name of the parent entity, it is always advisable to obtain an NOC from the parent entity to the effect that it has no objection in the Indian subsidiary using the same name. This is particularly so if the parent entity is a well known name eg., Walmart

Fourthly, it is necessary to provide six names in the order of preference. It is necessary to make an intelligent choice of names since the ROC is likely to grant the second choice if the first does not fit the bill.


We were able to obtain the desired name with not much difficulty since we had done our homework of checking with the name with the ROC well in advance. Officially, the ROC accomplishes this taks in 7 days and I must say that more often than not this timeline is often exceeded. It amazes me as to how much can be accomplished with bureaucrats in India with the right connections.

Step four -Memorandum & Articles to be stamped

Once a name is approved, the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association together with miscellaneous documents have to be filed within six months of the approval. In practice, if the proposed name is available the same is granted within 2 or 3 days.

The application should be accompanied necessarily by the following: (i) Unsigned copies of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. (ii) Payment receipt. Ensure that the copies submitted to the Superintendent of Stamps or to the bank for stamping are unsigned and no promoter or subscriber has written anything on it by hand. The Superintendent returns the copies, one of which is duly stamped, signed and embossed evidencing the payment of the requisite stamp duty. The rate of stamp duty varies from State to State. According to Article 10 and 39 of the Indian Stamp Act,1899, stamp duty payable on memorandum of association and articles of association for a company to be incorporated in Mumbai, Maharashtra is: AOA: Rs. 1000/- for every Rs.500,000/- capital or part thereof subject to a maximum of Rs.50,00,000.00. Stamp duty for the MOA is Rs.200.00 Once the Memorandum and the Articles of Association of the Company have been stamped, the same is required to be signed by the Promoters of the Company including commencing with the name and description, father’s name, address, occupation and the number of shares subscribed for in their own handwriting which is duly witnessed. After signing the documents are to be dated. Declaration form 1: On Rs 100 stamp paper


It took us around 2 working days to get the stamping done. The process was however delayed since we had to get the overseas directors to sign off on the Memorandum and Articles.

Final Steps - Documents to be presented to obtain the Incorporation Certificate

After the stamping of the MOA and AOA, 3 copies along with the following documents are required to be scanned and uploaded on the MCA-21 Portal: - The stamped copies of the MOA and AOA - Copy of the Form-32 along with the consent letters of the Directors of the Company, who are appointed therein. - Form-1 - application and declaration for incorporating of a Company and printed on non judicial Stamp paper worth INR 20. - Form 18-evidencing the address proof of the Company. - Form-1A-evidencing the name approval. - Copy of challan evidencing the fee with respect to above mentioned forms. - Power of Attorney from the subscribers in favor of any person for making corrections on their behalf in the documents and papers filed for registration .This must be on nonjudicial stamp paper of INR 100. - Identification of the subscribers by way of copy of driving license, passport, voters identity or ration card. These documents, in addition to their online uploading, are also to be filed in original with the ROC. Once the documents are uploaded and confirmation of payment of fee is received from the Bank by the ROC, it processes the papers in order of their receipt. A software ensures that the queue can not be jumped by ROC. The fees paid to the Registrar for registration are scaled according to the amount of the authorized share capital of a company as stated in its memorandum.


The process of issuing a certificate of incorporation normally takes seven working days. Pursuant to incorporation, TAN and other necessary registrations as required can be obtained.

Concluding remarks

In all the process of incorporating of a private limited company in India can be a smooth process if the right tools of approach are adopted.


For more details, refer the Nasscom site

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Hoax:sun rise continuously on october 17 2008?

Today one of my friend forwarded this mail which contain subject "sun rise continuously on october 17 2008?" and i searched over the net for the reality. But seems to be Hoax*


FW: Sun will rise continuously for 36hrs (1.5 days)

Coming October 17, 2008 the sun will rise continuously for 36 hrs (1.5 days). During this time the US countries will be dark for 1.5 days. It will convert 3 days into 2 big days. It will happen once in 2400 yrs. We're very lucky to see this. Forward it to all ur frenz

Comments: Poppycock. Let's begin by applying some grade-school science to dispel the ridiculous notion that the sun even could "rise continuously for 36 hours."

The reason we perceive the sun as "rising" or "setting" every 24 hours is because the earth rotates on its axis while revolving around the sun. It does not -- and cannot -- stop rotating, nor does its speed appreciably fluctuate (various factors such as climate and seismic events can cause miniscule changes in the earth's rotation speed, but according to scientists all of these combined add up to a differential of no more than one second per year).

In order for a day to last 36 hours, the earth's rotation would either have to cease altogether or slow down dramatically -- neither of which ever happens, let alone once every 2,400 years. It's physically impossible.

But you knew that, right? What you're really wondering is where this strange idea came from.

Obscure origins of an absurd prediction

Based on the available info (of which there is very little, admittedly), my best guess is that it began as a prank, pure and simple; that it originated in India; and that the perpetrator(s) of the hoax put a great deal of effort into disseminating it.

Here's what I've been able to establish:
  • During a one-month period from mid-August to mid-September 2008, over 15,000 postings containing the phrase "the sun will rise continuously for 36 hours" appeared on the Internet.

  • Nearly all of these postings contained precisely the same wording.

  • Nearly all of these postings originated from India.

  • As far as I can tell, not a single word about a October 17 being a 36-hour day appeared in any source, online or off, prior to August 2008.


other Sources

It doesn't! The Earth is too massive to slow down.

People starting such hoaxes should be sentenced by international court and jailed!


The further north you go, the longer the days. This may be true near the arctic circle, but not for the US, other than Alaska. And it certainly does not happen just over two to three days. Arctic days and nights are gradual things, lengthening and shortening over the course of a year. For it to happen just for the day, the Earth would need to slow down its rate of spin. Not possible for a body as massive as the Earth, without destroying itself as the energy from angular momentum changes so abruptly. Clearly a ridiculous notion. Via

*Something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage

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Google Offers $10million Prize Fund for Ideas That Will Change the World

Image ©
Google are putting forward a $10million fund to help develop ideas from members of the public that will help to make the world a better place.

This week, as part of their tenth birthday celebrations, Google have announce the launch of project 10^100 (ten to the 100th), an innovative scheme designed to inspire and fund the development of ideas that will help to change the world.

The internet giant has called on members of the public to share their ideas for solutions that will help as many people as possible in the global community, offering a $10 million prize pool to back the development of those chosen as winners.

When announcing the scheme live on CNN yesterday morning, Bethany Poole, Project Marketing Manager for Google, and Andy Berndt, MD of Google’s Creative Lab, were keen to stress that any idea that could be developed to benefit the global community would be considered.

"These ideas can be big or small, technology-driven or brilliantly simple -- but they need to have impact.

"We know there are countless brilliant ideas that need funding and support to come to fruition."

Visit to read it full

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Facts To Know About a Site

These ponders are often figures and data the website/blog generates, for example - the pageviews, feedreader counts, rankings, web host, how much money a site makes, etc.

Disclaimer: I believe the following statistics, figures are not absolutely accurate (perhaps, nothing are) and they might varies from one web service to another.

  • Alexa

  • Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources. The information is sorted, sifted, anonymized, counted, and computed, until, finally, Alexa gets the traffic rankings shown in the Alexa service.

  • Compete

  • Compete is a new breed of web analytics company. Powered by the largest pool of online consumer behavior data in the industry, is the only online competitive intelligence service that combines site and search analytics in one site to help you quickly master online marketing.

  • Statbrain

  • With you can find out how many visits any site has. Statbrain uses different resources on the web combined with mathematical and statistical methods to estimate how many visits a website has. Statbrain estimates the number of visits that a website has based on offsite factors like backlinks, Alexa Rank etc.

  • Quantcast

  • Quantcast is a new media measurement service that enables advertisers to view audience reports for millions of sites and services to build their brands with confidence. The free service empowers publishers to demonstrate the unique value of their audiences by tagging their websites, videos, widgets and games for direct measurement.

  • Google Trends For Websites

  • With Google Trends for Websites, you can get insights into the traffic and geographic visitation patterns of your favorite websites. You can compare data for up to five websites and view related sites and top searches for each one.

  • Loading Time
  • Find out what slows your site or a site you visit down. Good tools for site optimization.

    1. Pingdom Tools

    2. Pingdom offers cost-effective and reliable server, network and website monitoring. You can view the list of objects either in load order or as a hierarchy. The hierarchy view allows you to see which objects are linked to in for example a CSS file.Every test also shows general statistics about the loaded page such as the total number of objects, total load time, and size including all objects.

    3. Webslug

    4. Webslug was conceived as an all encompassing way of testing site performance. It measures load time as the user sees it. The time it takes for a page to load fully from when the request was made.

    5. WebWait

    6. WebWait is a website timer that benchmarks your website or test the speed of your web connection. Timing is accurate because WebWait pulls down the entire website into your browser, so it takes into account Ajax/Javascript processing and image loading which other tools ignore.

    7. Internet Supervision

    8. Internet Supervision monitors the availability, performance, and content of a website, web server and internet services from our UL approved offices with 24/7 personnel in Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Santiago, Chile.

    9. Link Vendor

    10. Link Vendor shows the duration of a given website. This value can be used for showing how long a website take to load and if it is better to optimize the website or change a (slow) ISP.

  • Web Hosting
  • Some websites took traffic spikes smoothly. Wonder who’s hosting for them? Check them out.

    1. Who.Is

    2. is a website for performing whois lookups on domain names for many popular gTLDs and ccTLDs.

    3. Who Is Hosting This

    4. Who Is Hosting This is a tool that lets you discover who is hosting any web site instantly. Enter the domain, and we’ll tell you which web hosting company the site uses. It’s that simple!

  • Feed Subscribers
    1. FeedCompare

    2. Feedcompare is another web service that does the same; but instead of comparing web traffics, it compares Feedburner feed subscriber counts. Feedcompares supports comparison up to 4 websites/blogs and you can generate a chart as far as 24 months view. Feedcompare reveals feed subscriber counts as long as you type in the FeedBurner feed name.

    3. How to Find Out Feedburner Subscribers Figures

    4. We did show you how to find out feedburner subscribers figures when they don’t tell. Click the above link to check the tricks out.

  • Website In- History
    1. WayBackMachine

    2. Browse through 85 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. To start surfing the Wayback, type in the web address of a site or page where you would like to start, and press enter. Then select from the archived dates available.

  • Interface Design
    1. Browsershots

    2. Browsershots makes screen shots of a web design in different browsers. It is a free open-source online service.

    3. Cross Browser Testing

    4. allows website designers see what their website looks like in different browsers and in different operating systems.

  • SEO | PageRank, Backlinks, Indexed Pages and more
    1. Xinu Returns

    2. Find out how well a site is doing in popular search engines, social bookmarking and other site statistics

    3. Websitegrader

    4. Website Grader is a free seo tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors.

    5. SEO Meter

    6. offers a convenient online SEO tool that allows webmasters to monitor their website’ crawling activities, and to collate crawling trend against their ongoing marketing campaign and other SEO strategies.

    7. Popuri.US

    8. A tool to check at-a-glance the link popularity of any site based on its ranking (Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati etc.), social bookmarks (, etc), subscribers (Bloglines, etc) and more!

  • Website Value
    1. dnScoop

    2. attempts to estimate a value for an established website or a domain name by using factors such as links pointing to the domain, popularity of the domain, age of the domain, pagerank of the domain and traffic to the domain.

    3. Cutestat

    4. Cubestat is a free and perfect tool for website value calculation, estimations and information. Cubestat has an unique algorithm will calculate and estimate the website worth, daily pageviews and daily ads revenue of the present domain. Among the estimation it will show precise information available for the domain.

    5. WebsiteOutlook

    6. Websiteoutlook is the perfect place to evaluate any website. When choosing to buy or sell a website having the proper information about your investment can be crucial to your success. Websiteoutlook is dedicated to finding all pertinent information that may pertain to your personal interest. And it’s FREE!

    7. YourWebsiteValue

    8. Your Website Value is basically a calculator that evaluate the yearly potential value of a website based on many factors such as: Number of pages indexed in search engines; Number of sites linking to the website; Quality of website; Popularity of the website.

    9. Site Value Calculator

    10. Site Value Calculator is the easy way to check the value of your website. It finds the value of your website with seeing your site’s traffic trends, backlinks, alexa ranking and DMOZ links.

  • Everything About A Website (All in One)
    1. Quarkbase

    2. Quarkbase is a free tool to find complete information about a website. It is a mashup of over 30 data sources and many algorithms gathering information from Internet on various topics like social popularity, traffic, associated people, etc.

    3. Domain Tools

    4. Domain name search tool; allows wildcard search of current and deleted/expired whois domains.


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    Extremely fast Domain Name Search, searches as you type

    Simple, elegant, and easy to use Domain search. It supports SSL connection as well. Definitely worth trying.

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    Do you know these19 secrets of XP?

    1. It boasts how long it can stay up. Whereas previous versions of Windows were coy about how long they went between boots, XP is positively proud of its stamina. Go to the Command Prompt in the Accessories menu from the All Programs start button option, and then type 'systeminfo'. The computer will produce a lot of useful info, including the uptime. If you want to keep these, type 'systeminfo > info.***'. This creates a file called info.*** you can look at later with Notepad. (Professional Edition only).

    2. You can delete files immediately, without having them move to the Recycle Bin first. Go to the Start menu, select Run... and type ' gpedit.msc'; then select User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Windows Explorer and find the Do not move deleted files to the Recycle Bin setting. Set it. Poking around in gpedit will reveal a great many interface and system options, but take care -- some may stop your computer behaving as you wish. (Professional Edition only).

    3. You can lock your XP workstation with two clicks of the mouse. Create a new shortcut on your desktop using a right mouse click, and enter 'rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation' in the location field. Give the shortcut a name you like. That's it -- just double click on it and your computer will be locked. And if that's not easy enough, Windows key + L will do the same.

    4. XP hides some system software you might want to remove, such as Windows Messenger, but you can tickle it and make it disgorge everything. Using Notepad or Edit, edit the text file /windows/inf/sysoc.inf, search for the word 'hide' and remove it. You can then go to the Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, select Add/Remove Windows Components and there will be your prey, exposed and vulnerable.

    5. For those skilled in the art of DOS batch files, XP has a number of interesting new commands. These include 'eventcreate' and 'eventtriggers' for creating and watching system events, 'typeperf' for monitoring performance of various subsystems, and 'schtasks' for handling scheduled tasks. As usual, typing the command name followed by /? will give a list of options -- they're all far too baroque to go into here.

    6. XP has IP version 6 support -- the next generation of IP. Unfortunately this is more than your ISP has, so you can only experiment with this on your LAN. Type 'ipv6 install' into Run... (it's OK, it won't ruin your existing network setup) and then 'ipv6 /?' at the command line to find out more. If you don't know what IPv6 is, don't worry and don't bother.

    7. You can at last get rid of tasks on the computer from the command line by using 'taskkill /pid' and the task number, or just 'tskill' and the process number. Find that out by typing 'tasklist', which will also tell you a lot about what's going on in your system.

    8. XP will treat Zip files like folders, which is nice if you've got a fast machine. On slower machines, you can make XP leave zip files well alone by typing 'regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll' at the command line. If you change your mind later, you can put things back as they were by typing 'regsvr32 zipfldr.dll'.

    9. XP has ClearType -- Microsoft's anti-aliasing font display technology -- but doesn't have it enabled by default. It's well worth trying, especially if you were there for DOS and all those years of staring at a screen have given you the eyes of an astigmatic bat. To enable ClearType, right click on the desktop, select Properties, Appearance, Effects, select ClearType from the second drop-down menu and enable the selection. Expect best results on laptop displays. If you want to use ClearType on the Welcome login screen as well, set the registry entry HKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT/Control Panel/Desktop/FontSmoothingType to 2.

    10. You can use Remote Assistance to help a friend who's using network address translation (NAT) on a home network, but not automatically. Get your pal to email you a Remote Assistance invitation and edit the file. Under the RCTICKET attribute will be a NAT IP address, like Replace this with your chum's real IP address -- they can find this out by going to

    -- and get them to make sure that they've got port 3389 open on their firewall and forwarded to the errant computer.
    11. You can run a program as a different user without logging out and back in again. Right click the icon, select Run As... and enter the user name and password you want to use. This only applies for that run. The trick is particularly useful if you need to have administrative permissions to install a program, which many require. Note that you can have some fun by running programs multiple times on the same system as different users, but this can have unforeseen effects.

    This one will create a way to hacking too, if he do mischief

    12. Windows XP can be very insistent about you checking for auto updates, registering a Passport, using Windows Messenger and so on. After a while, the nagging goes away, but if you feel you might slip the bonds of sanity before that point, run Regedit, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/Advanced and create a DWORD value called EnableBalloonTips with a value of 0.

    13. You can start up without needing to enter a user name or password. Select Run... from the start menu and type 'control userpasswords2', which will open the user accounts application. On the Users tab, clear the box for Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer, and click on OK. An Automatically Log On dialog box will appear; enter the user name and password for the account you want to use.

    14. Internet Explorer 6 will automatically delete temporary files, but only if you tell it to. Start the browser, select Tools / Internet Options... and Advanced, go down to the Security area and check the box to Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed.

    15. XP comes with a free Network Activity Light, just in case you can't see the LEDs twinkle on your network card. Right click on My Network Places on the desktop, then select Properties. Right click on the description for your LAN or dial-up connection, select Properties, then check the Show icon in notification area when connected box. You'll now see a tiny network icon on the right of your task bar that glimmers nicely during network traffic.

    16. The Start Menu can be leisurely when it decides to appear, but you can speed things along by changing the registry entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Desktop/MenuShowDelay from the default 400 to something a little snappier. Like 0.

    17. You can rename loads of files at once in Windows Explorer. Highlight a set of files in a window, then right click on one and rename it. All the other files will be renamed to that name, with individual numbers in brackets to distinguish them. Also, in a folder you can arrange icons in alphabetised groups by View, Arrange Icon By... Show In Groups.

    18. Windows Media Player will display the cover art for albums as it plays the tracks -- if it found the picture on the Internet when you copied the tracks from the CD. If it didn't, or if you have lots of pre-WMP music files, you can put your own copy of the cover art in the same directory as the tracks. Just call it folder.jpg and Windows Media Player will pick it up and display it.

    19. Windows key + Break brings up the System Properties dialogue box; Windows key + D brings up the desktop; Windows key + Tab moves through the taskbar buttons.


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    'Soothran' - Remembers Shabarinadh's Total4U....!!

    Hi all,
    Today I got this funny email. And I feel this cartoon have a food for brain. just see.

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    Advanced photoshop magazine - Issue 48

    Issue 48

    All the latest and greatest techniques inc:
    - The rules of fantasy art
    - Using photo references in digital paintings
    - Master the Calculations function

    Creative Tutorials
    Challenging and inspiring Masterclasses inc:
    - Create an urban photomontage
    - Add a silver effect to monochrome images
    - Have fun with stock images
    Also featured
    - Interview with Marko Djurdjevic
    - Build a home studio, whatever your budget
    - Free CD with brushes, vector graphics & more

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    Oru Western Veeragadha - Really Funny

    i Hope all of you get atleast one laugh from this.

    As the title says, check out this short comedy video "A WESTERN VEERAGADHA".

    Starring: Brad Pitt as Chathiyan Chanthu

    ( original movie is TROY (2004) )

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    The First mobile phone powered by Google Android

    The T-Mobile G1 powered by Google Android boasts cut and paste functionality, but will it be the next phone that everyone's talking about?

    At a press event in New York City today, T-Mobile, Google and HTC got together to launch the T-Mobile G1, the first phone to run Google's Android OS. We were at the event and had plenty of time to gather hands on impressions of the phone. Overall we were very impressed. It wasn't a perfect device by any means, there is still obvious room for improvement, both in the hardware and the software. But we were taken in by the phone's deep polish and attention to detail, and the all-important responsiveness of the hardware.

    This is a nice chart from Gizmodo comparing some of the more important features:

    Price and availability

    The T-Mobile G1 will be released on T-Mobile's U.S. network on October 22 for $180 with a two-year contract. It'll be available in all T-Mobile markets nationwide. An unlimited data plan will cost $25 per month, while unlimited data and messaging will cost $35 per month. A voice plan is required for all configurations. The T-Mobile G1 will also be released in the UK sometime in November 2008, while the other T-Mobile markets in Europe will get it in Q1 2009. Countries include Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. news via

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    Adobe introduces Photoshop CS4 Extended

    Landmark Release Packs Powerful Editing Punch and Harnesses the Creative Potential of 3D

    Adobe today announced Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended, the highly anticipated, new editions of the professional industry standard software for digital imaging. Providing a fluid user experience, complete creative control and higher efficiency, Photoshop CS4 leverages the power of the latest hardware to extend imaging possibilities and offer faster, more flexible ways to accomplish core tasks like image adjustments and masks. All of these features and more can be found in Photoshop CS4 Extended, which serves users with advanced motion graphics functions, dramatically expanded 3D visualization capabilities and precise image analysis.

    Top new features:

    Revolutionary 3D painting and compositing
    Now paint directly on 3D models, wrap 2D images around 3D shapes, convert gradient maps to 3D objects, add depth to layers and text, get print-quality output with the new ray-tracing rendering engine, and enjoy exporting to supported common 3D formats.

    3D object and property editing
    Edit, enhance, and manipulate 3D images in a streamlined interface without dialog boxes. Adjust lighting, meshes, and materials. Easily orient objects and position the camera using 3D axes and a ground plane.

    Fluid canvas rotation
    Now just click to smoothly turn your canvas for distortion-free viewing at any desired angle — no more tilting your head in the middle of painting and drawing.

    Smoother panning and zooming
    Gracefully navigate to any area of an image with new, ultra-smooth zooming and panning. Maintain clarity as you zoom to individual pixels and easily edit at the highest magnification with the new Pixel Grid.

    Content-Aware Scaling
    Use the new and revolutionary Content-Aware Scaling feature to automatically recompose an image as you resize it, smartly preserving vital areas as the image adapts to the new dimensions. Get the perfect image in one step without time-intensive cropping and retouching.

    Adjustments panel
    Simplify image adjustment by easily accessing every tool you need to nondestructively adjust and enhance the color and tone of your images; on-image controls and a wide variety of presets are also included in the new live and dynamic Adjustments panel.

    Masks panel
    Quickly create and edit masks from the new Masks panel. This panel offers all the tools you need to create editable pixel- and vector-based masks, adjust mask density and feathering, easily select noncontiguous objects, and more.

    File display options
    Easily work with multiple open files by using tabbed document display or n-up views.

    Get and share Adobe Flash® technology-based panels that developers create to accomplish customized tasks. Plus, get tips and tricks from the thriving worldwide community of Photoshop users through the new Adobe Community Help online service.

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    Adobe announced Flash CS4 Professional

    Adobe today announced Flash CS4 Professional with some amazing new features mainly focused towards animators:

    3D transformation
    Animate 2D objects through 3D space with exciting new 3D translation and rotation tools, which allow you to animate along the x, y, and z axes. Apply local or global transformation to any object.

    Object-based animation
    Gain complete control over individual animation attributes with object-based animation, which applies tweens directly to objects instead of to keyframes. Easily make changes to motion with Bezier handles.

    Inverse kinematics with the Bones tool
    Create chain-like animation effects with a series of linked objects, or quickly distort a single shape using the new Bones tool.

    Procedural modeling with Deco and Spray Brush
    Turn symbols into instant design tools. Apply symbols in a variety of ways: Quickly create kaleidoscope-like effects and apply fills using the Deco tool, or randomly spray symbols across any defined area using the Spray Brush.

    Motion editor
    Experience detailed control over keyframe parameters, including rotation, size, scale, position, filters, and more, using the new motion editor. Refine easing control with graphical displays similar to those in After Effects.

    Motion presets
    Jump-start your project with prebuilt animations that can be applied to any object. Select from dozens of presets or create and save your own. Share presets with others to save animation time.

    H.264 support
    Encode to any format recognized by the Adobe Flash Player runtime with Adobe Media Encoder, the same tool found in other Adobe video products and now with support for H.264.

    New Adobe Creative Suite interface
    Boost your efficiency with intuitive panel docking and spring-loaded behaviors that streamline your interaction with tools throughout the Adobe Creative Suite® editions.

    Authoring for Adobe AIR
    Deliver interactive experiences to the desktop with new integrated capability to publish to the Adobe AIR™ runtime.

    All details here:

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    Adobe Unveils Creative Suite 4 Web Premium

    New Collaboration Between Designers and Developers Simplifies The Delivery of Stand-Out Online Experiences

    Adobe today unveiled Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Web Premium, the next major release of its award-winning Web design and development software. Packed with new features and offering significant productivity gains, Adobe CS4 Web Premium drastically simplifies creative workflows and reduces the time it takes creative professionals to develop high-impact, interactive websites and online experiences.

    Adobe CS4 Web Premium includes new releases of Adobe Fireworks® CS4, Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4, Adobe Flash® CS4 Professional, Adobe Photoshop® CS4 Extended, Adobe Illustrator® CS4, Adobe Contribute® CS4, Adobe Device Central CS4, and Adobe Acrobat® 9 Professional software. For the first time Adobe Soundbooth® CS4, the latest release of its innovative audio editing tool, is also included in Creative Suite Web Premium edition. A version of Adobe CS4 Web Standard will also be available.

    Read the full press release here

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    Adobe Introduces Creative Suite 4 Product Family

    Radical Workflow Breakthroughs, New Levels of Flash Expressiveness and Integration Anchor Adobe’s Biggest Software Release

    Adobe today announced the Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 product family, a milestone release of the industry-leading design and development software for virtually every creative workflow. Delivering radical workflow breakthroughs that bring down the walls between designers and developers — and packed with hundreds of feature innovations—the new Creative Suite 4 product line advances the creative process across print, Web, mobile, interactive, film and video production.

    With new levels of integration and expressiveness for Flash technology across the entire product line, Adobe’s biggest software release to date includes Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design editions, Creative Suite 4 Web editions, Creative Suite 4 Production Premium, Creative Suite 4 Master Collection, as well as 13 point products, 14 integrated technologies and seven services.

    Click here for the full press release.

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    Yamaha F 16 India - 12 Photos

    Click Each Yamaha F16 Wallpapers for Larger photos

    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha Motor has announced the launch of all-new 'Macho Street Fighter" Yamaha FZ 16 in India, in its bid to revolutionize the biking scene in the country. The FZ 16 will be offered in 3 colours namely lava red, midnight black and flaming orange. The bike will be priced at Rs. 65000 ex showroom (All India). Dubbed as 'Lord of the Streets', FZ16 is designed and engineered with the potential for active and even aggressive enjoyment of around-town street riding and styling that brings pride of ownership and makes any rider look like they own the road.

    Unveiling FZ 16 during a select media tour for test ride at Goa, CEO and managing director, Tsutomu Mabuchi said, "With the launch of FZ 16, Yamaha is poised to provide Indian bike enthusiasts with both a rough and brutish expression as well as a certain subtlety. This high quality masterpiece will without doubt become a rage for the next generation."
    Yamaha F 16 India

    Yamaha F 16 India Photo gallery

    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha F 16 India

    Yamaha FZ-16 Specifications:

    • Engine: 153.7 CC four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder, 2 valves, SOHC
    • Power: 15PS @ 8,400 RPM (Estimated)
    • Gearbox: 5-speed
    • Fuel System: 26mm CV Carb
    • Wheels (F/R): 5-spoke 17" die-cast alloys
    • Tyres(F/R): 100/60-R17, 140-60-R17
    • Brakes(F/R): 267mm single cross-drilled ventilated rotor with 2-pot calipers / 130mm drum
    • Suspension:
    • Front: 41mm Telescopic Forks
    • Rear: Monocross type
    • Headlight: 12V 35W Halogen with Multifocal Reflector
    • Exhaust System: Mid Ship type, side mounted
    • Tank capacity: 13 litres
    • Colors: Lava Red, Midnight Black and Flaming Orange

    Dimensions ::

    Length: 1975.00 mm
    Width: 770.00 mm
    Height: 1045.00 mm

    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha F 16 India
    Yamaha has always kept up with new technology while constantly bringing it to the next level. The bike gets its looks from the global FZ series known for awesome looks and tremendous power. Its engine packs a mighty punch and the light weight diamond type frame known for its simplicity and excellent rigidity- enables it to cut its way through the curves like a street-fighter.

    With the triple macho concept projecting the Muscular silhouette, muscular body parts and muscular chassis, FZ 16 bike boasts of a 153cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder high torque engine for active & aggressive city riding. A negative pressure type Φ26mm carburetor with Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) contributes to outstanding engine response on the FZ16. The placement of this model's 'MidShip Muffler' is toward the center of the machine to achieve good concentration of mass, exhaust efficiency and handling. While 5-speed transmission provides a smooth operational touch, the gear ratios are set to provide optimum performance and agility in city riding.

    A monocross suspension ensures agile running performance and handling. At the same time it inhibits machine bottoming while riding with a tandem passenger and provides a very comfortable ride, as claimed by the company. The front suspension is 41 mm thick, besides good absorption of shocks from the road; this suspension also provides good damping characteristics during acceleration and braking.

    FZ 16 also has India's first '140/60-17' size rear radial with a 60 per cent aspect ratio contributes to better grip and handling stability. To achieve sufficient cooling effect, the cylinder head on the FZ16 engine is designed with especially large fins as well as a shroud (air intake cowl) to effectively direct airflow to the engine.

    New Yamaha Commercial from India

    New R15 & FZ16 ad from India

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    Stressed, Anxious, Frayed? 24 Simple, Effective Ways to Quiet Your Mind in 24 Hours or Less

    Modern life fills our minds with a multitude of concerns, every hour of every day. And sometimes, those thoughts just won't go away - nagging away, refusing to stop chattering, creating a wearying din inside our heads. Who wants to endure a long, draining day of that? Luckily, there are simple, proven ways to turn the volume down. (No pills, no tapes, no purchase required!)

    Follow Your Breathing. "When the Breath wanders, the mind is unsteady", said someone wise. Spend the day following your breath, making it as deep and easy and comfortable as you can.

    Relax Every Limb. Tension gets locked into all sorts of places you never think about, and if you're tense, so are your thoughts. So spend a spare minute or two on each part of your body throughout the day, relaxing the muscles. You train your body to quiet, and since your mind is a part of your body...your mind calms, too.

    Focus your attention. There's a stone I found on the beach a few years back - it's covered in a strange web of corroded metal, smooth to the touch. The almost fractal complexity holds my attention and fills my mind, driving out skittish thoughts. Yoga enthusiasts stare into a candle (or a similar soft light that won't damage the eyes) for the same effect. Find your focal point.

    Be Here Now. No, not the Britpop album - I mean make yourself aware of the present. Bring yourself back to it, every time your thoughts wander backwards or forwards in time. Use your five senses and focus on (and enjoy) what they're telling you. The closer you can exist to the present, the less of a hold anxious worries and bad memories will have.

    Listen to the world. I'm not advocating retiring to your room with a CD of whale-song (although that's worth a try). Instead, focus your attention on the Great Outdoors - whether the lulling sound of traffic, the sussuration of the sea or the busy patter of rain. Sit with no aim in mind except to listen.

    Eat harmonious food. Junk food spikes your energy levels and your mood, sending you up and down in the blink of an eye. It's not designed to quiet you. Stick to slow-release whole foods and supercharging, brain-bolstering food.

    Drink water. Lingering headache, inability to concentrate, lethargic lack of vim? You might be dehydrated. Lack of water does funny things to the mind - including messing up your sense of thirst.

    Look Your Worries in The Face. Or at least glance at them out of the corner of your eye. The jittery state of your thoughts might be your subconscious telling you you're ducking an important issue. Read Susan's post for a few ways to identify what's really on your mind.

    Release Each Thought. This is a fun one. All those new thoughts zipping into your head? Acknowledge their arrival - and turn your back. You've already thought them, but don't think on them. They'll soon lose interest...and the hubbub will diminish, leaving you in peace. Difficult to master, but very powerful.

    Gum. You heard me. Chewing gum slowly is a great way to discipline mind and body, and it stops you from getting lost in, and therefore swamped by, thought. Do it right, and it keeps you nicely in the Now.

    Exercise. When I don't get enough exercise, my thoughts get choppy - whitecaps everywhere. Exercise increases the oxygen and blood flow around your body, making it work better...and a side effect is that your thoughts flatten down and become manageable. (Remember to drink plenty of water!)

    Pen to paper / fingers to keyboard. Ever have that thing where you can't spell something, so you write different versions down and instantly you recognise the correct spelling? When we write, we tap into the subconscious, drawing deep from the well of our thoughts. It's writing from the heart. If there's something nagging at you and making you twitchy, writing it out might work better than trying to think your way round it.

    Sleep long and deep. If you can't rein your thoughts in, it's possible you're sleep-deprived. Go to bed earlier than normal - or power-nap.

    Cut down on TV and the Internet. Amidst growing concern that the increasingly quickfire 'MTV' style of both television and much of the online world is shortening attention spans, you might want to give yourself a break here and there. For example, if you're at work, walk away from your computer during tea-breaks.

    Get Rid of Stuff. I suffer from materialism stress - in short, clutter makes me twitchy. What's the point in having something when you never get round to using or appreciating it? That's a burden. Unload it.

    Get Out. Get away from your everyday context, with its endlessly distracting and pressing invasions on your peace of mind. The great thing about places you've never been is that you owe them nothing and they owe you nothing. Pure escapism. Even if it's just a glass of wine at a cozy bar you've never been in or a walk along a stretch of beach you've never taken the time to stop at, try it and see.

    Seek the Familiar. A corner of the garden. The album you never tire of. Your favourite smoothie mix. Maybe what you need is the comforting stability of somewhere or something that grounds you, something simple and beloved to anchor your thoughts, something so very you. Then again...

    Seek Variety. Perhaps your brain is so flighty because it's starved of fresh stimuli. We humans are hard-wired to enjoy novelty (hence the addiction of shopping) and we need to have our senses challenged. So read something way out of your normal pattern, or listen to a random selection of music (Musicovery is a great way to do this), or find a new way to walk home from work. Embrace stimulation.

    Avoid Stimulation. No, I'm not contradicting myself. We're talking drinks here - the sugary, the caffeine-laced, and especially those taurine-based energy drinks that have proved so popular with night-shifts workers. Drinking coffee or tea to steady your thoughts? It'll work for half an hour - then they'll be twice as addled. Stick to fruit tea or water.

    Laugh It Up. The joy of laughter is that it can completely command your attention. It takes your whole brain to laugh (that's not a scientific statement, just my personal opinion). So pop in a DVD, grab a book, tune in to Minnesota Public Radio - anything that will raise the corners of your mouth. It's the healthy thing to do. And speaking of which...

    Sex. Lots of restless energy? Well then.

    Be inspired. Just as there are reactive, nervy people who superficialy flit from thought to thought and talk a thousand words a minute, there are those whose words and demeanor are deeply calming and inspiring. You need to be around the second type of folk.

    Do Chores. It's the best time to get those nagging humdrum household tasks out the way - to really throw yourself into them, singlemindedly. Will it be dull? Oh, yes indeed. But you'll be so fixated on how dull it is that everything else will be driven out your head. A bitter pill, but good medicine nontheless.

    Think Big Thoughts. That deluge of little anxieties circling your mind like bugs around an outdoor light - there may be lots of them, but most are really small. So think the big, big things. What's it all about? What do you really want? If it's evening, wander outside and look up at the stars. By now, all those little worries should have dwindled to insignificance.

    And now you can sit back - and enjoy the quiet within.


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    50 Tools to Speed Up Your PC

    General Tune-Up Tools

    Sometimes the best way to optimize your PC is to use all-in-one tune-up tools that offer a slew of utilities, ranging from file cleanup to Registry cleaners and beyond. Here are some of our favorites.

    Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal

    This great free all-in one tool straightens out your Registry, handles Windows startup programs, erases your surfing history, removes spyware and protects you from future infections, and gives your system an all-around optimization.

    Be sure to tell the program to create a restore point before it goes to work. And examine, closely, what it will do in its overall system optimization. Apart from that, just direct the program to scan your system, see what it wants to do, and let it do its business.

    Download Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal | Price: Free

    TuneUp Utilities

    This all-around degunker and system cleaner will sweep away unneeded files, control which programs run on startup, undelete, and even completely destroy unwanted files to protect your privacy.

    Download TuneUp Utilities | Price: $50 (Trial)

    WinSettings Pro

    With this tool you can kill junk files, duplicate files, and Internet tracks. It also includes a good cookie cleaner that displays all your cookies, lists their contents, and then lets you eliminate ones you don't want. Features beyond system cleaning include Registry tools that claim to speed up Internet access. And how about a screen-capture program and wallpaper randomizer on top of that?

    Download WinSettings Pro | Price: $50 (Shareware)

    Super Utilities

    Given that Super Utilities has 27 tools for cleaning and optimizing your PC, you're sure to find a module that you want. Included are a startup organizer, a Registry cleaner, defragmentation tools, antispyware features, and much more.

    Download Super Utilities | Price: $60 (Trial)

    Glary Utilities

    This excellent no-cost tool promises one-click cleanup and optimization, and it delivers. It scans your system for problems with the Registry, shortcuts, startup programs, and spyware, and then gives you the option of which to clean up. It also deletes traces of your Internet surfing and erases temporary files. Optimization doesn't get simpler than this.

    Download Glary Utilities | Price: Free

    Application and Startup Optimization

    System sluggishness is often the result of problems with the applications you run. Are they outdated and in need of patching? Do too many run in the background? Use the following utilities to solve those problems and others.

    Secunia PSI

    If you make sure that all of your applications are patched and up-to-date, they'll run faster and be more secure--and so will your PC on the whole. Unfortunately, visiting the Web site for each of your applications can be so time-consuming that you'll never get around to doing it. Grab this freebie instead. It scans your system, lists all of your applications, and then regularly checks for security patches. When it finds a new patch, it applies the fix.

    Download Secunia PSI | Price: Free

    PC Decrapifier

    One likely reason your system is sluggish is that it's bedeviled by "craplets"--software that your PC maker installed because it was paid to. Craplets slow down startup and general operation.

    This free software removes dozens of unwanted items automatically. It zaps only a specific set of craplets and trialware programs: Those that are specifically put on new PCs, such as QuickBooks Trial, Wild Tangent Games, Dell URL Assistant, and others. (For a full list, go to the PC Decrapifier site.) Before you use this utility, create a restore point in case it kills something you wanted to keep.

    Download PC Decrapifier | Price: Free


    Unnecessary services and applications that run whenever you start your PC or log in to it are a big cause of system slowdowns. Unfortunately, it's tough to identify every item that starts up, because nothing in Windows gives you such information. That's why you need this free tool. It displays every program and service running and offers a great deal of detail about each, such as associated .dll files, the program or service name, and its location on your PC. With that knowledge, you can decide what you don't want to run on startup.

    Download Autoruns | Price: Free

    Security Task Manager

    Similar to Autoruns, this excellent tool shows you every running program and process. The utility also indicates whether the program is likely malicious, its type, how it launched (for example, upon startup or from within Windows Explorer), and the file name. It lets you delete any program and process with a single click. It also rates files according to how harmless or dangerous they may be. To stop a program, highlight it, click Remove, and you're done.

    Download Security Task Manager | Price: $29 (Trial)


    This very good all-around system optimizer frees your PC of unnecessary programs that run on startup and keeps it clean of spyware and other malware. Whenever a program tries to start automatically, WinPatrol sends you an alert so you can block it. In addition, it shows details about the program, including the creator, when the program was added, the file name, and so on. The Delayed Start feature allows you to put off the launch of certain programs for up to an hour. That way, you'll still have access to the program when you need it.

    Download WinPatrol | Price: Free

    Foxit Reader

    Strictly speaking, this isn't an optimization tool because it doesn't clean your system or tune it up. But it does eliminate a cause of system slowdowns and instability for many people: buggy, bloated Adobe Reader software for reading PDF files.

    The free Foxit Reader is smaller, loads quickly, doesn't take up unnecessary memory, and has no instability issues. So if Adobe Reader slows your system down, this is a great alternative.

    Download Foxit Reader | Price: Free

    Norton Removal Tool

    Some Norton products, especially the security suites, are notorious for taking up far too many system resources and too much RAM. Removing them completely can be tough, but this free tool from Norton does the trick. Copy down your product key before removing them in case you want to reinstall.

    Download Norton Removal Tool | Price: Free

    McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool

    Like Norton products, some McAfee utilities can consume serious amounts of system resources. To remove them from your system, use this free tool.

    Download McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool | Price: Free

    Hard-Disk Cleaning and Backup

    Your hard disk is clogged with files you no longer need. They occupy precious space and could possibly slow your system. Get rid of them with these optimization tools, which include a very good backup program.


    This is probably the best tool you can find for cleaning your system and thereby optimizing your PC. It scrubs temporary Internet files, the history list, cookies, autocomplete entries, the thumbnail cache, unneeded file fragments, temporary files--the list goes on. It also includes a Registry optimizer and uninstall tools, and eliminates traces that applications leave behind

    Download CCleaner | Price: Free

    Duplicate Music Files

    If you have a big MP3 or media files collection, you likely have many duplicates and don't realize it. The excess files hog hard-disk space and junk up your media library. Finding duplicates can be difficult, though, because the same piece of music or media may have different file names. This freebie searches for more than file names, as it compares file sizes, does error checks, and even examines ID3 tags to track down duplicates and delete them.

    Download Duplicate Music Files | Price: Free

    Easy Duplicate File Finder

    Looking to clean all sorts of duplicate files? This tool does the job for you. It scans your system, gives you a full report, and lets you clean either in bulk or just selected files. It also allows you to protect system files so that you don't accidentally delete any important ones that your PC needs to run.

    Download Easy Duplicate File Finder | Price: Free

    NovaBackup Professional

    Backup software may be the most overlooked optimization tool of all. When something goes wrong with your system, you'll want a way to recover files and restore your machine to a working state. This software does a great job, and can restore individual files, folders, or a whole disk.

    Download NovaBackup Professional | Price: $50 (Trial)

    Internet and Network Tune-Up

    Want to get more out of the Internet and your network? These tools will speed up downloads, help you find fast Wi-Fi, peer into your home network, and more.

    Spiceworks IT Desktop

    If you're like many people and have more than one PC connected to a network, you may be looking for a tool to help get the most out of your network. This free software scans your network, identifies every device on it, and displays detailed information about each. In addition, it lists all applications and operating systems, and sends you a variety of warnings, such as when antivirus definitions are out-of-date or new software is installed. Though this software is free, it displays ads. To get rid of the promos, you'll have to pay $20 per month.

    Download Spiceworks IT Desktop | Price: Free

    Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor

    Want to optimize your use of Wi-Fi hotspots? Give this free Vista gadget a try. It runs in the sidebar and displays information about your current Wi-Fi connection, as well as nearby hotspots. You'll be able to see how strong or weak your connection is compared with others, and find information such as your IP address, MAC address, and signal strength.

    Download Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor | Price: Free

    Expired Cookies Cleaner

    Your PC has dozens and dozens of cookies that Web sites use for things such as automatically logging you in or remembering how you've customized the way they work. Cookies typically have time-out dates, after which they won't work, but even then they stay on your PC, clogging it up. This free little utility finds expired cookies and deletes them. No fuss, no muss--they're gone.

    Download Expired Cookies Cleaner | Price: Free


    This excellent freebie cleans many different types of Internet junk, including cookies, temporary files, and Browser Helper Objects. The program also includes a security feature that will block Browser Helper Objects from being installed on your PC.

    Download HackCleaner | Price: Free

    Download Accelerator Plus

    People who live to download will want this free program, which optimizes every aspect of the downloading process. It splits individual downloads into pieces and downloads them all simultaneously from the fastest servers it can find. It's extremely easy to use and integrates with your browser, so when you initiate a file download, it automatically launches. You can also manually add downloads to the program.

    The utility restarts interrupted downloads, and pauses and resumes downloads. Its history manager shows all the files you've ever downloaded, plus their size and where they downloaded on your hard disk. It has a lot more features, as well--and you can't beat the free price.

    Download Download Accelerator Plus | Price: Free


    Yet another excellent optimization tool for downloaders, FlashGet speeds up downloads and helps organize them while keeping you safe. The program searches for downloads via numerous protocols, including HTTP, FTP, and eMule. It's good for managing downloads, too, allowing you to delete files from within the program.

    Download FlashGet | Price: Free

    Browser Optimization

    Want to make your browser run better and give it new capabilities, including optimizing the way you browse the Web? Check out these browser utilities.

    Adblock Pro

    Here's a great way to optimize your use of Internet Explorer. (Be aware that this tool works only with IE.) It blocks ads of all kinds, including banner, Flash-based, and embedded. You have plenty of configuration options, too, such as the ability to have it display ads only from specific domains or pages. If you turn on the Flash blocker, you won't be able to view YouTube videos, so you may want to instruct the program to display Flash only from specific domains.

    Download Adblock Pro | Price: $20 (Shareware)

    Adblock Plus

    If you're a Firefox user looking to rid your browsing sessions of ads, this add-in is worth a whirl. It claims to block 99 percent of ads on the Web, and based on our experience with it, that may well be true. You can selectively block ads or choose a filter that blocks them all. With a bit of work, you can even allow certain ads through while blocking the rest.

    Download Adblock Plus | Price: Free

    Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

    Do you use Firefox on more than one PC? If so, you know how maddening it is to keep bookmarks in sync. This free tool automatically syncs all Firefox bookmarks on multiple PCs, and backs up your bookmarks to a server so they'll never be lost. And if you're on a PC that isn't yours, you can pull up your bookmarks from the server.

    Download Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer | Price: Free


    If you're willing to get your hands dirty by digging under Firefox's hood, this may be the best Firefox optimizer around. Through JavaScript, it allows you to customize how Web pages look and act so you can change them, add extra features to them, and so on. Actually, you don't even need to tinker much yourself, because plenty of people have written useful scripts that you can simply plug into Greasemonkey.

    Download Greasemonkey | Price: Free

    IE7 Pro

    Optimize Internet Explorer with the help of this no-cost utility. It juices up the browser's tab handling, restores all tabs in the event of a crash, lets you use "mouse gestures" for controlling IE, blocks ads, checks spelling, and much more. It also has a scripting feature similar to Greasemonkey for Firefox.

    Download IE7 Pro | Price: Free

    Registry Cleanup

    The older your PC is, the more junked-up its Registry becomes. Badly written programs (and plenty of those are around) don't bother to clean the Registry when you uninstall them, and some applications add unnecessary junk. The messier the Registry is, the more likely it is to crash your PC or slow down its operations. Though the benefits of using a Registry cleaner are often debated, these utilities might be worth a try.

    Wise Registry Cleaner

    This freebie scans the Registry, flags orphaned or bad entries, and identifies entries that are either dangerous or safe to delete. Like most Registry cleaners, the utility will back up your Registry so that you can restore it if need be.

    Download Wise Registry Cleaner | Price: Free

    Glary Registry Repair

    Here's another very good, free Registry cleaner. It lets you choose which changes to accept and to ignore, and creates an Undo file so that you can revert to the previous version of the Registry if problems occur.

    Download Glary Registry Repair | Price: Free

    Registry First Aid

    If you're willing to pay for a Registry cleaner, this is a great choice. Longtime PC World contributor Steve Bass rates it as the best Registry cleaner, with good reason: It does an excellent, thorough job. It also searches the Internet for details about Registry keys, so you can have background information before deciding whether to delete or change them.

    Download Registry First Aid | Price: $28 (Trial)

    Auslogics Registry Defrag

    Cleaning your Registry may help keep your system in tip-top shape, but you can do something else for it as well: Defragment it. This program shows how fragmented your Registry is, defragments it, and restarts your PC. The program also creates a restore point so you can restore the Registry if necessary.

    Download Auslogics Registry Defrag | Price: Free

    Security Optimization

    If your PC is infected with malware, it runs at less than its peak. So if you have a sluggish system that seems to go on the fritz regularly, an infection may be the cause. Use these programs to kill infections and stop them from attacking your machine in the first place.

    Comodo Firewall Pro

    This excellent free firewall has been rated as one of the top firewalls by the independent testing site Matousec, which found that it has the highest level of "anti-leak" protection (in essence, a measurement of a firewall's effectiveness). It offers two-way protection, and a great view into your system and your Internet connection as well.

    Download Comodo Firewall Pro | Price: Free


    A lightweight freebie, Avast won't weigh down your system by consuming too many resources or RAM--yet it does a great job of killing viruses and live-scanning for them. It also scans e-mail (including Web-based e-mail) for viruses, and offers protection against instant-messaging viruses, peer-to-peer dangers, and other threats.

    Download Avast | Price: Free

    AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

    AVG's excellent free antivirus software is similarly prudent with your system resources and RAM. It's simple to use and easily configurable, and it protects your machine. What else could you want?

    Download AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition | Price: Free


    Keep your system in top running form by stopping the installation of ActiveX-based malware and other types of spyware. A particularly useful feature is the System Snapshot, which will take a snapshot of your PC so that if it gets infected, you can revert to a clean version.

    Download SpywareBlaster | Price: Free

    Spybot Search & Destroy

    A longtime favorite free program, Spybot offers live protection from spyware installation, and scans your system for preexisting spyware and kills it. The software has a restore function, as well.

    Download Spybot Search & Destroy | Price: Free

    Ad-Aware 2008

    Using more than one antispyware scanner is a good idea. So even if you have another, this free one, which has been around for years, is worth trying. It does a great job of scanning, and it lets you put potentially damaging software in a quarantine area, where you can later restore the item if it isn't dangerous.

    Download Ad-Aware 2008 | Price: Free

    Trend Micro HijackThis

    If you think your PC is infected with spyware, but your spyware killer can't track it down, try this freebie. After HijackThis analyzes your Registry and file settings, it creates a log file, which you can upload to a HijackThis Web forum for the community to analyze. Unless you're an expert, you should not try to use this tool to fix problems.

    Download Trend Micro HijackThis | Price: Free

    Interface Tune-Up

    Another effective way to optimize your PC is to tweak Windows' interface and behavior to your liking. All of these programs will get the job done.


    If you run Vista, this utility is an excellent way to tweak the OS. Through its simple interface you can customize many Vista features. Turn off the dreaded User Account Control, customize the power button, disable or enable the Aero environment, change the behavior of Windows Updates, and more.

    Download Vista4Experts | Price: Free


    This program offers countless options for tweaking Windows. It can change the icons for various system features, create a custom desktop-shortcut arrow, change how Windows Explorer looks and works, tweak your network connection, hide menus, customize the Start menu, and adjust Windows security, just for starters.

    Download MagicTweak | Price: $40 (Shareware)


    Give your PC a Mac OS X-like dock, a customized bar of icons that puts frequently used programs at your fingertips. Place it at the top, bottom, or side of your screen, and you get instant access to your favorite programs and features.

    Download RocketDock | Price: Free

    Vista Manager

    Vista users who want to juice up the OS's performance or its looks should give this tool a spin. You can optimize numerous aspects of your system, including its RAM, cache, and hard disk. The utility also manages startup and shutdown, cleans your system, improves your security, and customizes how your network functions.

    Download Vista Manager | Price: $40 (Shareware)

    Auslogics Visual Styler

    Through this simple-to-use program, you can make Windows work the way you want and gain instant access to deeply hidden Windows customization features. For example, you can change icon resolution, size, spacing, and shortcut arrows. And a wallpaper changer rotates the scenery displayed every time your PC starts.

    Download Auslogics Visual Styler | Price: $25 (Trial)

    Miscellaneous Optimization Tools

    You have plenty of other ways to optimize your PC. Following are some great all-around optimizers that give details on your system configuration, keep your drivers up-to-date, and manage your PC's power use.

    Belarc Advisor

    Before you start optimizing your PC, you need to know your system's exact configuration. That's where the free Belarc Advisor comes in. It tells you everything you need to know--and far more. Of course, in this program you'll find the computer manufacturer, installed RAM, hard-disk size, processor type and speed, and so on, but that's only the beginning. You'll also see the motherboard maker, hard-disk manufacturer, chassis serial number, PC service tag, bus type and speed, multimedia devices, and plenty of other details. The program goes beyond a hardware inventory, too, giving information about your Windows installation, including user accounts, security hotfixes that are installed or missing, and a list of all the software on your machine.

    Download Belarc Advisor | Price: Free

    Driver Sweeper

    Keeping drivers up-to-date helps your system stay in top shape, but if you don't correctly remove old versions, you can experience system instability, slowdowns, and crashes. Driver Sweeper finds old drivers and deletes them. It also backs them up if you need to restore them.

    Download Driver Sweeper | Price: Free

    Performance Monitor

    A monitoring tool--software that can show you overall system use--is essential for optimizing a PC. This nifty little freebie tracks RAM, CPU, Internet, and hard-disk use, and shows everything on your desktop in four small colored boxes. (Reading the information in the boxes is tough, so hover your mouse over them.) You'll see statistics such as the percentage of your CPU currently being used, and even the usage of individual cores on multicore PCs.

    Download Performance Monitor | Price: Free


    Consider this: If you don't use the power settings on your PC, you're spewing hundreds of pounds of unnecessary carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, a result of the electricity you waste.

    But Windows' power-setting controls are as confusing to use as the tax code, you object. We agree--but we also have a solution for you. The free, simple-to-use Edison helps you change and manage your power settings. No need to fiddle around with Windows: Just move a slider or two, click a few buttons, and you're ready to go. You could just stay with the defaults, too.

    How much might you save? When we used its default power settings on our laptop, Edison claimed we would save 359.63 kilowatt hours of electricity in a year (which adds up to $32) and 490.17 pounds of carbon dioxide.

    Download Edison | Price: Free


    This freebie, like Edison, helps you cut your PC's electricity use. You can easily edit settings such as when your PC automatically turns off or goes into hibernation, and when your hard disks spin down. The program also displays the amount of energy, trees, gallons of oil, or kilowatt hours you've saved.

    Download LocalCooling | Price: Free

    Windows Memory Diagnostic

    If you find your PC crashing frequently, the culprit may be bad RAM. This free software from Microsoft performs a comprehensive test and tells you whether the RAM or the memory system on your motherboard is faulty. It's built into Vista, too: Click Start, type memory in the search field, and then click Memory Diagnostics Tool.

    Download Windows Memory Diagnostic | Price: Free

    Source: PC World

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