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Compete is a United States web traffic analysis service that publishes the approximate number of U.S. visitors to the top 1,000,000 web sites in the United States. This number is computed from sources including internet service providers, opt-in panels, application providers, and users of the Compete toolbar. Unlike Alexa Internet, the service does not provide information for global Internet traffic.

Launched in 2000 by Bill Gross, an entrepreneur who started the search engine GoTo, has over 2 million members as of 2006.

The Compete Toolbar allows users to view the Compete Trust Scores and the U.S. Internet ranks of websites they visit. This is done by sending the URLs that users visit to then sends back the trust scores and internet ranks from its database to the users. Additionally, users of the Compete Toolbar have the option of participating in Community Share. By participating in Community Share, users will be assigned a user number and that number will be submitted along with the URLs of the websites that these users visit. This information will be used to roughly determine how many users visit each website. Although no personally identifiable information is submitted to,the server receives the originating IP address. Via

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