David Blaine: Dive of Death promo + Video

Please Don't Try This At Home

I’ve always loved David Blaine and been very entertained with his magic and stunts but it seems we’ve been headed more into stunts than magicians these days…or have magicians evolved into a hybrid of magician and stuntman?

His latest is the “Dive of Death” in which he’s currently hanging upside down over Central Park in New York City. He’ll hang there for approximately 60 hours - until 11 p.m. Wednesday.

David likes pushing himself completely to the edge and his doctor isn’t crazy about this stunt. There are big concerns that include blindness, stroke, seizures, ruptured blood vessels and death. His doctor says, “He seems to have the ability to use his mind to control his body to not experience pain and discomfort, as well as take away his basic drives to eat and sleep and defy his fear.”

We hope so because he won’t be eating or sleeping for the next 2 days either! So, no food; no sleep; and hanging upside down for 2 1/2 days. David you really do like danger don’t you? We love to watch you and support you though! …but we’ll leave the death defying stunts to you!

Blaine will be contributing to science at the same time though as he’s invited doctors to come since there is no documentation of how long anyone else has ever hung upside down or how long a person can safely hang upside down. Gravity plays a big part in how our body and heart operate so there will be some learning to be done here about how our body will react to conditions opposite the norm.

There is a type of therapy called “Inversion Therapy” that consists of hanging upside down but not for days!…and with no food or sleep!!!

ABC will air the Dive of Death on Sept. 24th…we can’t wait! Anyone got some video feeds??? That’d be fab! Via
David Blaine new stunt airs Wednesday September 24th on ABC!