Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

1. Opening The Last Tabs

Lets say you close a tab by mistake and you want to open it again. Fret not. Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs that you closed. Use this combination to open them up.


2. Opening a Particular Tab

Lets say you have multiple tabs open and you want to go straight to a specific tab. Most users would either use the mouse or in Firefox use the ctrl + tab to switch in a sequential order. But in Chrome you can actually jump to the specific tab.

Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8

3. Opening Your Home Page

Lets say you want to navigate back to your home page. In stead of using your mouse to hit on home, you can use the following keypad combination


Other Cool features:

  • Your address bar actually doubles up as a Search field as well. Type whatever you want to search in it and hit enter.
  • Different processes for each tab.
  • Its supposed to be much faster than Firefox.