Some Facts about your Teeth

White teeth are healthier teeth
You can help to keep your teeth as white as possible by brushing regularly with fluoride toothpaste and flossing. Whitening has no side effects on the health of the teeth, neither do white teeth mean that there are no existing underlying dental diseases.

I have to see a dentist every month
Your dentist will recommend how often you should come in for check-ups, but if you have very good oral health this might be only once every six month.

Only the sugar in sweets, cakes, fizzy drinks and chocolate is bad for my teeth
While all these foods are bad for your teeth (and your general health), remember that dried fruit, fruit juice and honey also have natural sugars in them that can cause tooth decay. Limit these foods and brush your teeth twice a day......

There’s no need to brush milk teeth
Even though your child will lose their milk teeth, they still have to be brushed with the right technique. Brush your baby’s teeth twice daily from the moment their first tooth cuts through.

I’ll need false teeth when I am older?
Improvements in dental hygiene mean that far more of us will keep our natural teeth into old age.

I need to visit a dentist only if my tooth pains.
Prevention is always better than cure. If you get your cavities filled regularly, the chances of further decay of teeth and the associated pain are reduced drastically.

Did you know your current mouthwash probably contains more alcohol than a 6-pack of beer?

Your toothpaste may contain a kind of SOAP that drastically dries out your mouth!

Bad breath does NOT come from the stomach!