7 Important fitness tips for techies

Web working and fitness usually don't go hand in hand. In fact, fitness is probably the last thing on a web worker's mind.

In front of a computer all day and constantly working on new projects, a web worker doesn't have the time to keep fit. As a result, their weight increases, mental stress levels increase, and frankly, overall health goes down the tubes.

This is the problem; without good health, productivity declines. When a web worker's productivity declines, output declines. Guess what's next? That's right, when output declines, income declines.

There's always an excuse when you are asked to take time off and do some exercise; there's always a tomorrow. However, consider making the change tomorrow morning - for real. Take a little time and do something that will break the ball and chain you call a job from your ankle.

Here are some steps to take:

First Step - Discipline
Absolutely. The road to fitness and good health starts off at being disciplined and organized. Unless you are disciplined enough to eat the right food, exercise on time, or even take time off on time, it wouldn't help. Being at home doesn't mean you've got to disrespect time. If you do it, it will kill you. So make sure you do things on time.

Now keep in mind that the 'time' could be different for different people. You might be sleeping at 3 AM and I might be working while taking a bite of a sandwich. That's cool if we both manage to stick to our schedules. It doesn't matter if I exercise at 5 AM or 5 PM. The important thing is that I do it regularly.

Take a Walk Everyday
I wanted to suggest a run but considering that most of us are born procrastinators, a run could have been intimidating enough to be scheduled for the elusive tomorrow. So, a walk is always a good way to start today. If it's not possible for you to do it everyday, then make sure you do it at least three times a week.

You might want to buy a treadmill and run on it, but I'd still insist on a walk. That's because apart from setting us in motion and providing the much needed movement to our legs, a walk also exposes us to fresh air, which believe it or not for a web worker, is one of the most important things needed to stay fit. Sometimes we don't realize that we haven't stepped out of the house for days. A walk everyday would give us the excuse to do just that.

Get the Right Chair
I think it would be to correct to say that the chair is second only to the computer as the most important part of a web worker's everyday work. And if it's such an important part, it's equally important to get it right. It should be nice and comfortable so that you don't feel the stress after sitting on it for hours.

Renowned programmer and blogger Jeff Atwood nicely explains why you should invest in a quality ergonomic chair. And if you've realized that you should go ahead and replace your chair with a new one, then this computer chair buying guide could help you to choose the right one for yourself.

Supercharge Your Brain
I just remembered Shilpan's article on 14 simple ways to supercharge your brain. It's important to keep not just physically fit but mentally fit as well. It's all about brains, isn't it? The more you can apply it, the better are the results. Hence it requires some extra nourishment, especially if you are a web worker.

In case you are looking to supercharge your brain with some good mental games then here are 5 great games to help you do it.

Don't Forget the Eyes
While talking about the brain, I almost forgot about the eyes. I don't think I need to explain why it is of utmost importance that you take extra care of your eyes if you are a web worker. Sitting all day long with your eyes stuck at your computer screen doesn't go great for your eyes, really.

A simple and effective way to take care of your eyes would be to take time off at regular intervals, splash your eyes with water and then lay down on the bed with your eyes closed for a minute or two. If you don't remember to take breaks, then there are tools like Workrave available which would remind you to do it.

10 Minutes Of Yoga
Yes, even if you do just 10 minutes of yoga everyday it could work wonders for your health. The simple breathing exercises could be a great way to consume those 10 minutes. If you diligently do it everyday then you'd soon find yourself less tired and more productive at your work.

Stop Procrastinating!
Believe me, this is a great fitness tip. Being a web worker myself, I can confirm that web workers are the laziest breed when it comes to getting up, leaving the chair and doing something else - be it exercise or some household chore. I know after reading this article you'd have a firm determination to start exercising or taking a walk tomorrow. And tomorrow, there will be nothing but another firm determination for the next day.