Gmail Dressed Up In Themes

Gmail Themes screen shot
The days of a bland Gmail interface is over: Google has launched Gmail Themes.

The new Gmail themes offer 30 initial choices away from the standard Gmail layout, in a similar offering to what Google has been providing to iGoogle users.

According to Annie Chen on the Gmail Blog, the Gmail team wanted to “go beyond simple color customization” so “there’s a shiny theme with chrome styling, another one that turns your inbox into a retro notepad, nature themes that change scenery over time, weather driven themes that can rain on your mailbox, and fun characters to keep you in good company.”

Themes are not immediately available to all Gmail users, but are being rolled out over the rest of the week. To use a theme, Gmail users will see a Themes tab under Settings.

"In some cases, you can also customize by location. Some themes change during the day, and we use the location information you provide to correctly time these changes with your local sunrise, sunset, and/or weather. If you select one of these themes, you'll see a Country/Region drop-down menu appear."