How To HidE Hard Disk Partition on your PC

If you are one of those people who share their Systems with others, and don’t want anyone hampering with your ‘Personal Files’, then here is a simple tweak for you.

Although there are several methods to hide data. One of the methods is to Hide particular folders, containing your personal information, but lets consider if you have around 100+ or even 1000 folders, how would you be able to hide all of them in just a short period of time? The best thing to do is to hide your Hard Drive instead.

How TweakUl Works

Download, install and run TweakUI in your computer. Then, go to My Computer -> Drives, uncheck the drive that you want it to make invisible and click Apply.

A hard drive will be disappeared immediately after the command is applied.

In order to access your hidden drive, type in the drive letter in address bar.


Tweak UI (147Kb)