Make Free Long Distance and International Calls from Your Computer

FreeRinger is a calling service which allows you to make FREE calls to telephone numbers (in more than 30 countries throughout the world) right from your web browser.

No Downloads
Make worldwide calls with absolutely no software downloads or installation.

Making calls
That's pretty straightforward process. Enter your friend's phone number in international format (starting with the country code) and press Call.

GTalk2VoIP, the free and publicly open voice gateway for major Instant Messenger clients, today announced the availability of the ultra-simple to use FreeRinger, powered by Talkster. FreeRinger, available at, is a web-based telephone service that lets anyone, anywhere in the world place free international calls from PC-to-phone to more than 35 countries.

Now people anywhere in the world can use their computers to place free long distance calls to their family and friends' mobile and landline phones in the more than 35 countries included in Talkster's growing coverage area ( All FreeRinger calls are ad-supported, so users never pay long distance or international calling charges, and can talk as long as they like. For call recipients using their mobile or landline phones, the cost is the same as a local call.
"Providing a completely free web-based solution to people who spend a fortune in long distance calls is just another way we are increasing the value of what we offer to our customers," said Ruslan Zalata, founder of GTalk2VoIP. "Our partnership with Talkster has made this possible and we will continue to work towards providing free, useful and easy to use solutions to our valued users through the development of solutions such as FreeRinger."

FreeRinger is a web-based, Flash(R) application, therefore no software download or installation is required as long as the web browser can view content built in the commonly used Adobe Flash. For those users without Adobe Flash, a simple download that works with all Internet browsers on PC, Mac and Linux computers will immediately enable FreeRinger to work.

FreeRinger is also available as a widget that so bloggers and web designers can offer the FreeRinger long distance and international calling service to their sites' readers and customers. A special hyperlink makes placing calls from FreeRinger as simple as a click from a webpage.