Mallu wearing Mundu ( Dhothi) riding Harley Davidson

If the Harley Davidson Company had seen this, they would have stopped the production…[hi..hi Just a fun comment! East or West Malayalee will be Malayalee...we should be;)]

A SOUTH INDIAN (99% probability he is a mallu) was spotted in Dubai riding a Harley in Mundu ( Dhothi)…

Only one place on Planet Earth a human would be seen riding a Harley Davidson wearing a Mundu!!!!



Ponnu annaaaa ethu edivettayitondu


Most probably he might be going back after Onam celebrations!!!


What is the problem if a man wears his traditional dress, I wonder. Arabs and Whites wear their traditional dress and proud of it. This is another form of an Indian hypocrisy I think


@ Joe
I think the motive of this post is the curiosity.


you should respect mallus national dress and he is riding in alegendary bike in ONAM.THE MUNDU AND SHIRT ARE GOLD BRADED AND ARE MUCH MORE COSTLY THAN JEANS AND SUITS.


He would have mostly worn it for Onam. Whats the big deal in riding Harley wearing dhoti?


Malayalee is proud of himself because he is from gods on country and he is proud of wearing MUNDU, riding Harley Davidson which you don't need to be jealous

"always think positively"



I too forwarded this photo once and got blasted by a patriotic malayalee. He pointed out rightly that when foreigners travel in underwear on their HDs, we have no problem. When a guy is travelling in a decent attire, we make fun of him (me too from Kerala).