Indian TV Show Dadagiri - Host Got Slapped!

After being verbally abused and then slapped, a male contestant lashed out and slapped the female game show hostess straight back, hard! - See the full video.

The game show, called "Dadagiri," is the self-proclaimed meanest show on TV. It involves contestants having to recreate the first day of college, including bullies.

The footage has left viewers across the world shocked and in disbelief; it’s certainly not what you would expect to watch when tuning into the show.

The game show hostess, Isha the Goddess, sets out to insult, provoke and push all the wrong buttons of the contestants. Well, evidentially, it looks like she took her insult a little too far, as the reaction she got was the male contestant violently lashing out towards her.

It was a good job the hoard of ten plus crew members were on hand to calm the situation down. As the camera continued rolling, they emerged from behind the scene and the audience in full force to control one guy. Straight after the exchange of slaps between the two, the next scene saw the crew attempting to hold down the contestant whilst pinning him down, as he continued to cry "how could she slap me?!"

Here is the completely uncensored version of the video on YouTube:

Warning: Video contains strong language