False Prophet

This is NOT an endorsement of the following and it is not from someone in my church! I merely received it as a forward and am just forwarding it on. You don't have to believe it, nor do you even have to read it if you don't want to. I am not acquainted with either of the two who wrote this!!!!!!!!

This is from a friend who goes to our church.

Scott Walkington experienced a life after death experience. We have talked with him on several occasions and he spoke at our church. When he speaks, he is very articulate and he gives details that would be difficult to relate if this experience had not been real. Jesus gave Scott seven events that were to happen before the rapture. (1st Thes. 4:13-17; 5:1-4.)

The following is Scott's thoughts on the past election. The fulfillment of the following will be the verification of whether Scott had a dream or his life after death experience was real. Whatever happens, this is definitely a time for Christians to pray for our families and our nation.

Scott Walkington - Died for 7 1/2 Minutes & Given Seven Signs

Dear friends in Christ,

Before I start, let me make this statement ... I'm just a messenger, nothing more, nothing less.

Many of you asked in the past year or so who might be elected the next president, based on the Seven Signs that Jesus gave me in my heaven experience. And I answered that Obama's campaign seemed to match many of the issues that Jesus promised in this next candidate. I would have liked to have shared this prophecy back then, but I did not want it to look like a political advertisement. So I chose to write about this AFTER the election.

I can also tell you that this presidential election based on my heaven experience is prophecy being fulfilled. We're just one more milestone closer to the rapture.

Just remember...except for local elections, last Tuesday's election was the LAST presidential election we will ever experience before the rapture. There will be no more! Isn't that exciting?

Here is what's yet to happen:
1. Coming in January (inauguration)... Due to a "problem," Obama will NOT be sworn in as the next president. He will never take that office. Why? I don't know. This is the missing piece to the puzzle. We must wait in anticipation to see whatever this "problem" might be.

2. Bush will be forced to extend his presidential term until this "problem" can be resolved. Remember, Jesus told me, "The president you know right now (meaning Bush) will be the last president you will know at the time of the rapture."

3. Violence will erupt within our nation due to this "problem." What might this be? Rioting? Demonstrations? Terrorism? We will wait and see.

4. Jesus told me, "Your troops will be brought home from around the world, but this does not mean peace." Then my minister, Rev. John Rice, (in heaven) said, "When this happens, stay off the airplanes, the trains and the interstate highways. If you must cross a river, use a less traveled bridge or a ferry. When driving, use as many back roads as possible." Then Jesus told me, "Your nation will need all the help it can get to defend itself."

5. World War III will erupt. All the nations will turn against this nation, blaming Bush for this "problem," but by the time the world realizes that Bush was not to blame, it will be too late.

6. Missiles will be dropped on cities on the East coast, then the West coast, making 911 look very minimal.

7. Then by the time we see missiles and fighter jets flying above us in all directions right here at home and you feel like it can't get any worse than this, that's when you know the rapture is about to take place.

Our nation will lose this war badly. It will be the end of the United States. At this time the one world government and the antichrist will take over.

All these things I learned from my heaven experience. Jesus also told me, "These are all in God¢s plan. As horrible as these events may seem, these events must happen in order for the rapture to take place. But you must fear not, for as you see these things happen, you must realize these are merely milestones as we get closer to the rapture. Just do your works as normally as you possibly can. Then when this time comes, I will call you and everyone else on My list, in the twinkling of an eye, just that fast."

Let me finish by saying, I'm just a messenger, nothing more, nothing less.

God bless,


Here is some more information on the last email I sent out. This goes along with the prophecy. Also, on Today, there is a news article, Target Israel? Iran tests new long-range missiles.

Mark Copfer (10 Nov 2008) "This Is How I See Things Playing Out"

OK, I finally, finally think I have most of the puzzle figured out. And this will coincide with Scott Wakington¢s near death experience when the Lord spoke clearly to him.. The only thing that I do not have figured out is the timing of the rapture. So here goes.

If you remember, a few weeks back, Colon Powell came out publicly and announced that the world would face an international crisis sometime before January 19th I believe. If you also remember, Joe Biden came out publicly and said that Obama would be tested...and that a crisis is looming. Now he did not say in what way Obama would be tested, but I would believe it would be that his patience would be tested, due to him not being inaugurated in January.

Now, I want to apologize to all, for my miss-interpretation of Psalms
108 verse 6. It is not about the rapture at all whatsoever. It says this:

That Thy Beloved (ISRAEL) shall be DELIVERED, "SAVE" with THY RIGHT HAND (Of Gods) and answer me.

Folks, it cannot, and absolutely will not get anymore clear. This is talking about the ISRAEL, NOT THE CHURCH. How or why I never saw this is beyond me. Thy Beloved is ISRAEL .

The year is 2008, and the reason that Obama will not be inaugurated in January is because of what Colon Powell stated, and what Joe Biden stated publicly.

Israel IS going to attack Iran before the inauguration of Obama, because Bush is the only friend Israel has right now, and he is sitting in the White House.

Now, as most of you are well aware of, there are thousands of old closed down military bases that have been converted into detention centers all around the USA. Just do a Google search and you will see most all of them.

When Israel attacks Iran, the USA will be involved in Iraq for fueling purposes of the Israel fighter jets, and will be 100% supporting Israel. And a current sitting president CANNOT leave office during an international crisis involving the USA. And folks, I guarantee you that this IS going to happen prior to inauguration day. And when this happens, and Obama does not get into the White House, you are going to witness something that the USA has never seen in its lifetime. Civil unrest and martial law like non other has ever witnessed. These brainwashed Obama supporters are absolutely going to come unglued because of Israel. It will be the ugliest thing the USA has ever witnessed. And mark my word, Israel is NOT going to do this with Obama in the White House, simply because they will not be able to use Iraq as their fueling station and the support of Israel by the USA will not be there with Obama in office. This is all going to come to pass, and it perfectly lines up with Scott Walkington`s near death experience, and word from the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have never been surer of anything, and now all the pieces to the puzzle are coming together. The only thing that is still not together is the timing of the rapture... But rest assured it is very, very near.

If you also recall, my mother-in-law told me long, long ago, that Bush and Cheney were not leaving the White House. We will be seeing this come to pass very soon.

Also, there is another part to this puzzle. And it¢s in Scott Walkington¢s vision from the Lord. During the time Israel attacks Iran, the USA will have some terrific explosions on both the East and West coast, but I do not know if that will be from the enemy. It very well could be, but I seem to remember my mother-in-law telling me that it would be something that was orchestrated... I don¢t know. All I know is that we are so very close to all of this happening, and it¢s absolutely incredible. The time is drawing near, and drawing to a close.

I do not believe this is Gog/Magog....but it¢s the start of something that will eventually lead to it. I still do not know where the rapture fits in, maybe Psalms 108 still could be referring to the rapture, but I don¢t think so anymore. My Beloved refers to Israel ... that¢s what I think. But who knows? All I know is that Obama will NOT be sworn into office in January 2009.

God has a plan!
Have you asked Jesus,
into your heart?
You must to go to heaven!
What about your kids?
Love Y'all
Larry n Gwen

For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes; therefore also through Him is our Amen to the glory of God through us.
2 Corinthians 1:20