Turns Your iPhone Into a Wireless Music Receiver through AirPhones

A new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch lets you stream any audio from your Mac to your Apple mobile over a wi-fi connection.

It's called AirPhones, and it basically turns any pair of headphones or speakers into a wireless sound station. Any audio source on your Mac desktop -- be it an album in iTunes, a YouTube video or a podcast in Miro -- can be streamed to the iPhone and played back through the handset's audio out jack.

AirPhones, from developers Smashart, costs $5, but it largely eliminates the need for pricey wireless headphones. It's also a very cheap replacement for devices that provide wireless access to your music library -- devices like Apple's AirPort Express, Logitech's Squeezebox and Sonos' audio systems, the cheapest of which (AirPort Express) sits at the $100 mark.

After purchasing and installing the app, you have to download a free server application that runs on your Mac desktop (this server component is currently only available Intel Macs). Your iPhone and your Mac need to be connected to the same wireless network, and there is a slight but of latency -- somewhere around a quarter of a second audio delay between your Mac and your iPhone.