How Much Does a Decent Designer Make in US?

Coroflot, a job-listing site for designers, has published the results of its 2008 salary survey. It confirms, once again, that design is pretty good work if you can get it. Top flight graphic designers, interaction designers, and industrial designers can all earn well-over $500,000 a year, with your average experienced designer easily clearing $75,000. But design in general is a tough field to break into, with entry salaries as low as $15,000 (though average entry-level jobs pay twice that).

A couple of other trends emerged. Salaries for almost all design disciplines have kept pace with inflation, but the one discipline that has outpaced inflation is interaction design--buoyed by the proliferation of mobile devices. Design management has also posted salary gains, which Coroflot chalks up to a recent management vogue towards "design thinking." Check out the full results on Coroflot, which also has a searchable database that allows you to compare your salary to that of your regional peers