The Tata nano aftereffects - funny cartoon

I got these really funny cartoons in a forwarded e-mail. - Funny Part of Tata Nano

Nanolution, One lakh Mantra, Tata NANO on the road and comics

A politician is worried because of a new demand made by men- “Parking reservations for poor people!”

You’ll never ever be stuck in a traffic jam, thanks to Nano’s style and design.

In a toy shop, a boy tells his father that he doesn’t want the toy car. He wants a real car like Tata Nano.

An advisor tells a politician ” Television etc. are old things…now tell people that you’ll give them a new car”. The old saying “Food, Clothes and House” should be extended to “Food, Clothes, House and Car”.

Inside a car showroom- a simple man has enough money to book not one, but TWO Nanos!

A man goes to a car show room and wonders if he can exchange his two wheeler for a Tata Nano car

Beggars get more freedom with their new found mobility, thanks to Tata Nano.

A wife tells her husband, “These days, our maid has a new excuse- I got late because the car tire got punctured!”

People driving “People’s Car” ask for “People’s petrol” at gas stations!

Even an ordinary man staying in a small house has a Tata Nano, even though his house might not be centrally heated!

Building the World's Cheapest Car

And that’s the Nanolution, One Lakh Mantra


nice cartoons ,the days aren't far..:)