Kantaris - A Great New Media Player Based On VLC

When you want to play media, films and music, there are tons of possibilities at your disposal. Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, VideoLAN and Media Player Classic are just some of the available software suites.

It’s hard to determine ‘the best’ piece of software amongst the bunch, because this is a very subjective matter (see MakeUseOf Poll on the best music player), but there are several reasons why the Kantaris media player does it for me.

Kantaris is a free piece of software developed by Christofer Persson, the same person who created the predecessor of PSP Updates. It’s an all-in media player that’s based on code from the VideoLAN Client (VLC) and Bass Audio Library.

Kantaris brings us a blend of VLC and Windows Media Player. Still a little bit rough around the edges, it’s a slick and versatile media player. Where the application lacks some of the more advanced features of both aforementioned applications, it makes up for it by integrating Apple Trailers and Last.fm, and introducing an innovative and user-friendly interface.

Unlike VLC, which is open source, Kantaris only works on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Download Kantaris