Beware of these type of EVIL, Cruel Housemaids

This is absolutely revolting!

Dear All,

I Got this Video as an Email from my friend. This is Terrible. How can a human act like this to the Angel Kids.

Children are getting abused by Housemaids. I don't wanna anybody to enjoy this. Just take care when selecting Maids. Try to raise your kids on your own.

Please fix a camera without their knowledge. You never know when one can become an animal like this. After all they are not related to your kids right????
ALL Mothers & Fathers Please be careful from Housemaids.

Be careful, this could happen to your children or grandchildren.

Baby Sitting / House Maids - Beware

A shocking video online of a maid physically abusing a young child.

"Heartache to watch this but please be careful with your maid at home and this is not the first that I ever watch but this one really make me heartbroken and looking at his child being helplessly abuse is really pain in the eyes and it only happen recently."


dear brother
this can be done by a beast minded human. how can a human behave like this....really shocking... i live abroad. here also i read sometimes news of this kind. i feel depressed when i came across this type of things...really annoying.
any way let the video be useful in creating awareness among people.
thanks, kiran