Firefox 3.5 right click menu disabled. Solution

Hi All,

When I updated my Mozilla Firefox (Fire fox 3.5). I noticed that my right click menu on browser is not enabled. When googled I found this solution. May be useful for you when you update or install.
Firefox 3.5 right click menu diabled. Solution
uncheck the box labelled "disable or replace context menus" under the advanced button beside "enable javascript" in the content menu in the options.

This is worked for me. :)


I had the exact same issue. However unchecking that box did not work for me. Are you still able to right-click and access the menu?


Still it doesn't work with me. :(



If you have Yahoo Toolbar Add-On or Mouse-Gestures Add-On, trying disabling them. Worked for me. I had the same issue and un-checking that box didnt work for me either.


Thank you it worked for me!


Well, I said it worked and it did for a minute, but even with that option I am still unable to right click! very annoying!!


This worked for me after restarting Firefox.
Thank you for sharing this info.


I think you have a yahoo toolbar that needs an update. Try it first, coz it works for me.


It was Yahoo toolbar that was my problem. #@%! thing snuck into my system, riding on another application. Need to read the installer dialogs more carefully!


Removing the Yahoo! toolbar worked for me. Thanks guys.


Thanks. This worked me after I restarted Firefox.


After removing the yahoo toolbar from add/remove program then restart the Firefox the right click work again


it worked after uninstalling yahoo toolbar.. of course, you have to restart firefox after unintalling to make uninstallation succesfull


Thank you!


This setting was there in earlier versions of FF also


Thanks a lot for sharing this little bit of information.


I try to uncheck the disable java script option, it wont work for me, but after i disable yahoo toolbar it works .. thank you :) ...


Thanks just worked for me :) :)