Amrita TV Super Star 2 (Audition) Funny Moments

ചിരിച്ച് ചിരിച്ച് മണ്ണ് കപ്പി മാഷേ :-)

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ellavarkkum oru pole talents undaayirikkanam ennillaa... angane nokkumbol .. ithonnum oru joke all... just a type of sadism.. avarude view il ninnum onnu think cheythu nokku.. namukk chiri varilla....



@ Bibz Yes, I agree with your comments. But one thing i have to suggest these guys. They must know their talents/level of talents before attending such a big Competition.


Buddy... this ia awesome. I was stressed due to my deliverables at onsite working on weekends and was trying to fly back to India.. I just went through this Part.. I LAUGHED LAUGHED and LAUGHED so much that tears came and my tension and stress disappeared and slept comfortably after a gap of 2 months.


@Anonymous Happy hear you relieved from your stress.:) Enjoy@