Swine flu h1n1in Kerala

I got this info as email this morning. i thought it will be nice spread.

What is Swine Flu (H1 N1)Swine influenza virus (often shortened to SIV or swine flu) is one of a number of viruses that are endemic to pigs. This type of influenza viruses can also infect humans and birds.

Swine flu h1n1in Kerala
പന്നിപ്പനി എച്ച് 1 എന്‍ 1 - മുന്‍കരുതലുകള്‍ , ലക്ഷണങ്ങള്‍, ആശങ്കയ്ക്കു കാരണം

Swine flu h1n1in Kerala
Swine flu h1n1in Kerala
Swine flu is common in pigs but it normally only infects people who have been in close contact with pigs, but there has been cases where the disease was spread from one person to another. Symptoms of infection include fever, disorientation, stiffness of the joints, vomiting, and loss of consciousness, that sometimes finally ends in death. Types of flu strain include H1N1, H1N2, H3N1, H3N2, and H2N3. are known to cause swine influenza.

Important! Update!

Currently an SMS and Email Campaign is doing rounds stating Nilgiri Oil (Eucalyptus Oil) can be used to prevent Swine Flu infection.

The SMS / Email reads, Use “National Institute of Virology (NIV) has advised putting a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil (Nilgiri Oil) on your handkerchief or mask as an effective preventive measure against Swine Flu.

Do pass it on to all your friends and well-wishers."

However, NIV Pune has denied issuing any such notices. You can read the following message on NIV website www.niv.co.in:

NIV has not recommended any indigenous formulations like Nilgiri oil, etc as use against novel H1N1 (Swine Flu). Please refer to authentic public health information or call the help lines for queries.

Nilgiri Oil for Swine Flu prevention? NIV Pune disowns SMS/Email Message Via