Solar Eclipse and Acid Rain

I got this information as email. When Googled i find it's a hoax

Solar Eclipse and Acid Rain on Jan 20 to Jan 28[email]
Please do not wet yourselves if any rain in between Jan 20 to Jan 28 as it
is predicted to be a Chemically strong (Acid Rain) due to recent Solar
This may cause danger to your skin. Please pass on.
Please be careful.... Even if the information is wrong there is no harm in
being careful...........[email]

When Google I find this answer

Solar eclipse has nothing to do with acid rains. Scientifically, Solar eclipse and Acid rain are entirely different phenomenon, which are NOT related in ANY WAY. Solar eclipse is caused by astronomical alignment, whereas acid rain is caused by increased concentration of acidic gases (Sulphides, Nitrides etc) in the atmosphere.

During Solar eclipse, there doesn't occur any selective filtering- Moon is not translucent! Solar eclipse does have some effect on tides, and slight influence on earthquakes, due to the increased gravitational pull on earth's crust. But there exist no feasible explanation how it could increase the concentration of acidic gases in the atmosphere, which are mainly produced by industries and vehicles; thereby leading to acid rain!

So, Ignore this warning. As all such warnings, this is also a hoax.