IPL Kochi Team Jersey

Update! 24th March, 2011
P Prasanth wearing Kochi IPL Team Official Jersey
Kochi Tuskers IPL Official Jersey
Update! 15th March, 2011
IPL Kochi Team - Kochi Tuskers Jersey© Manorama
Update Ended.
IPL Kochi Team JerseyI have another humble request to owners of the Kochi IPL team. Also Pick a Nice Jersey design team to design our Jersey.

In My opinion Hyderrabad Deccan Chargers Jersey is the best one. One other suggestion is please don't pick blue as jersey colour. Blue is all around now. I think green would be nice because Kerala is full of green. If poosible use the green color like tender coconut :)

IPL Kochi Team Jersey - use the green color like tender coconut
Meanwhile what about your suggestions my friends? Please comment!

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i prefer green since kerala is full of green , but not the fluroscent green which is shown in the example..
also the logo whether its fixed...??


@ Renjith u

Logo and name is not fixed yet. it's up to the Kochi IPL owners. Here we are just suggesting our likes.


green's a gud shade,bt lyk renjith sed,nt d fluorescent 1...bt a lighter shade..smthing lyk south africa's jersey...best part is no other ipl team has a green jersey!



Having greenery all over is a great idea and will be sure to be a hit in blogland. We all want good tried and true resources. Love this idea!!


The only thing i want to tell is make our team different. since you have shown a red colour it is for banglore punjab..... i will prefer a good jersey with a colour mix of bright and light green or brown like the somerset. but insread of sony change it to gods own country and treansfer sony to the pants or top right corner.




what about white and gold as the colour of the jerdey and the name God Own Kochi


I wl'd like to say that, give the colour black. and give the green leaves of our cocunut tree. B'coz, no one has taken that colour, & balck will be soo attractive. The jersy should be so shiny one.


hi, i am suhas i want to suggest the colours of jersy will be like your rendezvous logo colours used it mens green for earth and blue for sky and its our lucky coloures from beginning


Red and black


the colour should be white.. in which a mixture of green blue or red could be added.. because white jersey is the one which can keep body cool.. always.. even in the pressure games.. because white colour dont absorbs heat and players could be less tired.. and hashim amla to play for kerala ipl team




Jercy red ok but team emblem is very boring


blue jersey name kochin rajas is good


green colour is good for kochi team.


Please vote for kochi bruisers... its awesome with that logo it loocks kickass... tuskers doesnt have any spark in it. moreover it sucks. we need an agressive logo and name.


green anu better ennu thonunnu, karanam nammudey keralam green aanu. pinney nammudy government greenerykku valary importance kodukkunnu. cochin team athiney support cheyyanam. harithavarnam sambal samrdhiyudey varnamanu. vayalum malayum ellam haritham, god's own countryudey nanma green anu, green eppozhum +ve energy nalkum nammudey tuskersinu athukondu njan request cheyyunnu namukku green mathi., pinney logo alpam koodi colourfull akanam.opposite teaminu kombananye kandalpedi varanam.....Best of luck COCHIN TUSKERS KERALA...Best of luck