Kerala IPL team faces up to reality

Rendevouz Sports World LogoOfficials of the consortium that won the bid for the Kerala team in next year's Indian Premier League accept and are ready to deal with the challenge of getting quality players for their side which will play the 12-team next edition. A Pune team is the other new entrant.

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Speaking for the consortium partners, P. T. Keshav, Chief Investment Officer, Skytracks Investments, Dubai and Investment Advisor of Harshad Mehta of the billion dollar Global Rosy Blue Group said: “We have entered the IPL at a curve wherein everything is up. The first eight franchises have had the advantage and after three years the IPL has proved itself that it's one of the top most sporting brands in the world. In business language that's valuable. We will have opportunities to select good players. We have long-term plans.”

Video By - Anthony D'Souza,MiD-DAY

The five major consortium partners are Anchor Earth with interests in electricals, FMCG and real estate, Film Waves, a company promoted by Harshad Mehta, Parinee Developers, involved in real estate and ship breaking industry, Vivek Venugopal of the Elite and Cholayil group of companies and Anand Shyam real estate, which is part of the Sur Gems group of companies.