Sony Ericsson X10

The phone is the first android phone from Sony. The most obvious and the best part of the phone is the size. The dimension of the phone is 119 X 63 X 13 mm and it comes in the category of the bigger phones. The phone is a little heavy and weighs 135 grams.

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5 Coolest Gadgets

Samsung 3D LED-TV Serie 9 / Series 9000

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Notebook

Panasonic 3D HD Camcorder

Motorola Backflip Hands-On

Alex eReader

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Amazing! A talented soccer girl

Speed Tests Show Flash 10.1 Slowing Down Android 2.2 Significantly - Speed Test Video

Speed tests of Android 2.2: without Flash 10.1, its browser handily beats all comers. But with Flash? It drops to the bottom of the heap.

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14 inch Transparent OLED Display Notebook from Samsung mobile

World's first and largest transparent OLED Panel prototype, designed for use in applications and smartphones at the Digital Experience event 2010

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Android 2.2 Official Video - Highlights from the latest Android platform release

Introducing Google TV - Web meets Television: Google TV unveiled

After monopolising the web world and freshly foraying into the phone market, Google Inc is now set for a rather ambitious project in a bid to tie Television and Web together.The search engine giant unveiled new and ambitious initiative- Google TV - here on Thursday, May 21 in the presence of tech tycoons such as microchip maker Intel Corp and TV maker Sony Corp chief executives.

Announcing that they have joined hands with Google on the project, Intel and Sony said that the TV sets would hit the markets this Christmas.

Watch an overview video below

The Google TV will access Google's search engine to look through live programmes, DVR recordings and the web. It then provides a short list of results enabling the users to view what they want with the push of a button.

Apart from Sony manufacturing the devices, which will be marketed as Sony Internet TVs, Logitech International will be building a Google TV appliance that can work with current high-definition TVs.

Learn about the partners Google working with.
Visit Sony and Logitech.

TV meets web. Web meets TV. Learn more at

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Impossible motion: magnet-like slopes

Winner of the Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest 2010

In this video, wooden balls roll up the slopes just as if they are pulled by a magnet. The behavior of the balls seems impossible, because it is against the gravity. The video is not a computer graphic, but a real scene. What is actually happening is that the orientations of the slopes are perceived oppositely, and hence the descending motion is misinterpreted as ascending motion. This illusion is remarkable in that it is generated by a three-dimensional solid object and physical motion, instead of a two-dimensional picture.

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Free EQ healing and enhancement technique Workshop At Rajiv Ghandhi Indoor Stadium 28 May 2010

Free EQ healing and enhancement technique Workshop, KochiA 4 hour workshop to erase Emotional Charges or negative moods and improve Emotional Intelligence will be offered at Rajiv Ghandhi Indoor Stadium on 28 May 2010.

This programme which is being done for free and is open to all

Invite all your friends especially friends who have had painful experiences or traumatic experiences that has marred thier perceptions towards life and people.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the silent partner of rational intelligence—equal in importance, yet frequently overlooked and rarely schooled or tested.

The Sentry and the Strategist
A small structure in the limbic region of the brain, the amygdala, is the center of your emotional brain. All incoming sensory data—sights, sounds, smells, sensations—pass through the amygdala where they are instantly analyzed for their emotional value before going to the cerebral cortex for processing. Every piece of data is infused by the amygdala with an emotional charge. If powerful enough, that charge can override reasoned thinking and logic.

How can you be so certain? I just FEEL it!

The amygdala is the specialist in emotional matters, the vault of emotional memories, the seat of passion. It's the amygdala that causes you to recognize the personal significance of an event, responding with pleasure, compassion, excitement, anger. The amygdala plays the role of sentry, scanning every incident for signs of trouble. Far quicker than the rational mind, it charges into action without regard for the consequences.

In an emotional emergency, the amygdala proclaims a crisis, recruiting the rest of the brain to its urgent agenda. Goleman calls this an emotional hijacking, because it occurs so fast that the thinking brain has no opportunity to grasp what is occurring and decide on the best coarse of action. Emotional hijackings produce astonishing feats of bravery, hideous acts of violence, and everything in between. Meanwhile the neocortex—in the prefrontal lobes just behind the forehead—is working to control feelings in order to reappraise situations and deal with them more effectively. It functions like a master strategist, planning and organizing actions toward a goal. When an emotion triggers, within moments the prefrontal lobes analyze possible actions and choose the best alternative.

When you hear a loud crash in the next room, it's the amygdala that sends a paralyzing jolt of fear through your body. A moment later, the neocortex starts ticking off the possibilities—cat, window, intruder—and what to do about hem. The neocortex is capable of muffling emergency signals, but it is slower, involving more circuitry.

Internal Battles
The amygdala and neocortex may sound like perfect partners, the alert sentry signaling danger and the cool strategist selecting prudent courses of action, but the sentry can easily overreact, and powerful emotions can disrupt your ability to think and reason. Fear can render you mute; anger can make you lash out violently. In such moments, the circuits from the amygdala to the prefrontal lobes are creating neural static, sabotaging the ability of the prefrontal lobe to maintain working memory. That's why you complain that you "can't think straight" when you're upset.

These emotional circuits, and the automatic reactions they convey, are sculpted by experience throughout childhood. Emotionally-driven automatic responses are usually learned very early—as early as four years of age. All it takes is for some feature of the present situation to resemble a situation from the past. The instant that feature is recognized by the emotional mind, the feelings that went with the past event are triggered. The emotional mind reacts to the present as if it were the past. The reaction is fast and automatic, but not necessarily accurate or appropriate to the situation at hand.

Raising Your EQ
So while emotional intelligence relies on the warp-speed reactions of the amygdala, it relies even more on the management skills of the neocortex. Having high emotional intelligence doesn't mean that you never panic or lose your temper. It does mean that you bring your feelings under control and channel them into productive behaviors.

The ability to bring out-of-control emotions back into line results in what earlier generations called emotional maturity. The ability to stay precisely tuned to the full range of emotional readings coming from the amygdala is what has given some of us our reputation for having women's intuition.
Image courtesy:

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Sony’s New DSLR Cameras NEX-5 and NEX-3 with HD Video, Interchangeable Lenses

A video trailer of the new ultra compact digital cameras from Sony: the NEX-5 and NEX-3. The new digital cameras deliver DSLR performance within a sleek compact body, using a 14.2 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and interchangeable lenses. For the first time in an a camera, the practicality of an ultra compact digital camera is combined with AVCHD video recording for capturing high quality Full HD movies on the go.

With a simple user interface and intuitive controls, capturing DSLR quality pictures has never been easier or more stylish. Plus Sweep Panorama mode allows you to capture amazing wide-angle panoramas with ease (and even in 3D).

The NEX-5 and NEX-3 digital cameras will be available from summer 2010, and further information can be found at:

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The Google Logo in 884 4x6 Photographs: Construction Time-lapse

A group of us in Google's offices in London created the Google logo using 884 individually printed 4x6 photographs. The camera took a shot every 7 seconds, so about 5.5 hours of work are compressed to 1:20 here

Simon Birkenhead, Annabel Tucker, Greg Block, Jonathan Barker, Beth Foster, Mike Smith, Rob Gates, Ade Oshineye, Maarten Wilke, Ana Harris, Christopher Allen, Dan Crow, Don Dresser, Gabriel Hughes, Kyle Maddison, Ludwik Grodzki, Noah Samuels, Noam Wolf, Rian Liebenberg, Ronnie Boadi, Sarah Hunter, Caitlin Pantos, Gavin Barnard, Kajal Patel, Marco Duarte, and Tom Ayles.

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Test version of the iPhone 4G - On hand

Apple’s fourth-generation iPhone, alternately referred to as the iPhone 4G and the iPhone HD.

This seems to be in Vietnam. Iphine 4G is very ergonomic shape makes the material, a combination of aluminum and plastic glasses. I want One!

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Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

Social Media Revolution 2 is a refresh of the original video with new and updated social media & mobile statistics that are hard to ignore. Based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman.

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3 Beautiful and Creative Computer Animations

“Nemiroff” vodka commercial

Freeband . The Ambient Life

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Android running on the iPhone 3G!

After 2G, Now Hacker ported Android on iPhone 3G

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Inspiring Sports Logo designs for IPL Kochi Team

This is for guys whos designing Kochi IPL Team Logo for inspiration.
50 Fantastic Sport Logos
Inspiring Sports Logo designs for IPL Kochi Team

Source:See all 50 Logos

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Kerala SSLC examination results 2010: Announced!‎

Kerala SSLC Results 2010 declared:
According to reports 90.72 per cent students have passed the exam.
Malayala Manorama

If the result link is not properly updated, please wait for some time and try again. Please note that it may take some time to retrieve the result due to heavy traffic. In such a case, please try the alternative link or try after some time.

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Google acquires BumpTop. Freeform desktop

BumpTop 3D Desktop

BumpTop is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. Like a real desk, but better.

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