The Google Logo in 884 4x6 Photographs: Construction Time-lapse

A group of us in Google's offices in London created the Google logo using 884 individually printed 4x6 photographs. The camera took a shot every 7 seconds, so about 5.5 hours of work are compressed to 1:20 here

Simon Birkenhead, Annabel Tucker, Greg Block, Jonathan Barker, Beth Foster, Mike Smith, Rob Gates, Ade Oshineye, Maarten Wilke, Ana Harris, Christopher Allen, Dan Crow, Don Dresser, Gabriel Hughes, Kyle Maddison, Ludwik Grodzki, Noah Samuels, Noam Wolf, Rian Liebenberg, Ronnie Boadi, Sarah Hunter, Caitlin Pantos, Gavin Barnard, Kajal Patel, Marco Duarte, and Tom Ayles.