Introducing Google TV - Web meets Television: Google TV unveiled

After monopolising the web world and freshly foraying into the phone market, Google Inc is now set for a rather ambitious project in a bid to tie Television and Web together.The search engine giant unveiled new and ambitious initiative- Google TV - here on Thursday, May 21 in the presence of tech tycoons such as microchip maker Intel Corp and TV maker Sony Corp chief executives.

Announcing that they have joined hands with Google on the project, Intel and Sony said that the TV sets would hit the markets this Christmas.

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The Google TV will access Google's search engine to look through live programmes, DVR recordings and the web. It then provides a short list of results enabling the users to view what they want with the push of a button.

Apart from Sony manufacturing the devices, which will be marketed as Sony Internet TVs, Logitech International will be building a Google TV appliance that can work with current high-definition TVs.

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