Kerala Tourism's international campaign

Kerala Tourism's international campaign, Your Moment Is Waiting is a film that goes far beyond the realm of a commercial, to capture the soul of Kerala like no destination hitherto has. Stark Communications, which has been handling the Kerala Tourism brand for almost two decades, conceived, scripted and then assigned the task of creating this film to the renowned ad film maker Prakash Varma.

Your Moment is Waiting, A movie by Kerala Tourism

Well, Some people arguing that this ad is plagiarism. They are pointing the following video to tell Prakash Varma's Kerala Tourism Ad is copied from this Mexican ad by Diego Pernia.

I don't think SO! Do you?


Doesn't that ad make kerala seem like some sort of voodoo-blackmagic infested place? Cinematography's great... Great for looping in foreigners with the draw of mystery, fantasy, and ethereal settings..
The first shot to last shot has definite impact...