Kochi IPL logo unveiled! - EXIT Logo

Breaking Update! November 28, 10.50 AM
in a dramatic turnaround, the Kochi franchise it seems has survived the axe as of now and will take part in the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League, to be played in 2011.

Sources have told NDTV that the owners of the Kochi franchise have found an amicable settlement for the sweat equity issue and hence have now sorted out their differences. Source
Kochi Tuskers - IPl Logo Concept for Kerala IPL team

And The Dream is Over. #Kochi #IPL Team Dream is OVER. @ShashiTharoor Tweets.Thanks for the Efforts taken by Shashi Tharoor.

Well, I have to say these guys (2 factions in the Team) are not deserving an IPL team. 2 factions with lots of Ego mentality gradully approving the exict.

My Dreams (In fact Many of Malayalees World Wide) about Kochi IPL broken.
I am going back to Mumbai Indians.

So I have designed a Exit Logo for Kochi IPL Team

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Kochi IPL logo unveiled! - EXIT Logo