Kochi IPL: sources indicate that a solution has finally been reached

Kochi IPL: sources indicate that a solution has finally been reached.It is not yet end game for the Kochi IPL team. With just four days before the final deadline given to the franchisee owners by the IPL Governing Council, sources indicate that a solution has finally been reached.

One senior member of the franchisee yesterday told Emirates 24|7 that the disputes have almost been resolved. “We are confident that we will present a united front and IPL Kochi will indeed feature in the next edition of the tournament," said the source.

Earlier during the day the first hint of a probable resolution of the disputes came from a Shashi Tharoor tweet.

“All is not lost for Kerala IPL team. Those involved appear to be seriously engaged in resolving their differences. Hope so!” said India’s former minister of State for External Affairs, who had to resign from his ministerial position following disclosures that his then girlfriend Sunanda Pushkar, whom he married later, was offered a sweat equity in the franchisee.

The warring and factionalism within the Kochi franchisee had reached such a hopeless level that the governing council had even started preparations to induct a new team in place of Kochi.

The Kochi franchisee was asked by the governing council to resolve their differences before November 27 and according to recent reports the IPL governing council had even begun preparations to invite tenders for a new franchise.

Kochi along with Pune entered the IPL in April following an auction bringing the total number of teams to be playing in the fourth edition of the IPL in 2011 to eight.

Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab have been removed from the list following alleged irregularities.