Kochi Phoenix - Most apt name for Kochi IPL Team

Kochi Phoenix - Most apt name for Kochi IPL TeamI personally feel the most apt name for kochi IPL team is Phoenix. Because it's came from no where. "Gone to Ash. Emerged from Ash. Now Fight to Ash everything!"

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hey binoj,
the wings shld hav little more effect..



it can also be like this


..its different frm the original phoenix looks.....xspecially the head part....its look like the peacock head....try this



hey wat abt this ..phoenix wit golden wings raised up....like the eagles raising there wings in US national secrity emblems



Hi Thanks for the comments. Even though it will look great in screen, (If we gave more effects)It won't look good in print media. I think a logo should be able to be displayed in black and white also.

Cheers :)