Kochi Ferocious Cobras (KFC) - Another Concept for Kochi IPL Logo

I don't know whether the team management already decided the name for Kochi IPl Team.
I can't resist to post my name ideas for our Kochi IPL Team

Logo Concept N0:4 - Kochi Ferocious Cobras
Kochi Ferocious Cobras (KFC) - Kochi IPL" alt="Kochi Ferocious Cobras (KFC) - Kochi IPL

Logo Concept No:3
Kochi IPL logo Concept - Kochi Fiery Dragons

Logo Concept No:2
Kochi Phoenix - Most apt name for Kochi IPL Team

Logo Concept No:1
Kochi Tuskers - IPl Logo Concept for Kerala IPL team

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make some designs which include cocunut and our back waters ....smething our lakes scenes....
as kerala is famous for these....


hey, howz God's XI ???