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Kochi Cricket Private Ltd’s official website - with a fair representation of Kerala’s traditional specialties of nature, wildlife, art and culture

Here is the official Website of Kochi IPl Team
Kochi IPL Official Website


lemme ask yu one thing mr. binoj. did u created all these stuff ? a twitter account and a blog turned into a website for the ipl team ? geofff lawson introducing himself.. saying 'hi'. i cant beleive it is the official website of cochin team


I suggest team kochi's name as kochin vultures


Please buy Chris Gayle ..He is in a tremendous form now.He can be a match winner for Cochin


please buy uthappa in anyway .....try an exchange


I suggest the Kochi IPL Team's name as Cochin Patriots


What do you think of these two names for our team? 1.Cochin Tuskers 2.Green Warriors/Heros.


i suggest a name for team kochin Blasters


i suggest a name kochin blasters


i think team kochi is a gud name
by hanees


team kochi by hanees uk




i suggest 'KOCHI RAJAS' for name of kochi team


i suggest team cochi's name as "kerala thampuran's"
-the god's own team
and official anthem is shinkarimelam


i think this name is suitable for our cochin Team...
"Cochin Tigers"...
and one more thing our dada is return back to our team.... i belive this is gud decission of our Team...
I wish u all success.....
Urs Labeeb Vannery & Vivek Vannery




Cochin Chekavar is the best suiting name for Kochi.


THE NAME OF KOCHI TEAM IS ''KOCHI TUSKERS''as the more elephant is found on kerala. so the name is right think about the kochi team.In this name i am sure the people of kerala are very happy and inspire to them.


iam suggesting a name for kochiteam as


wonder y kochi hasnt selected a name yet? how about "Kochi Steelers"? or"kochi Dynamos"?


Ipl name is kerala warriors


I request on the name of KERALA CAMANDORS


I prefer 'Kochin United'.

Y dnt we take diz name....?? 'Kochin Warriors'




I suggest team kochi,s name as COCHIN SPARTANS


best wishes team cochi..........
our jercy is so cute...............i like it please use kerala tradition as log like elephant kathak valam kali kalaripayatu etc........